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Steve Pilant

Steve was born in the US, his father American - his mother originally born in London, England - growing up in Liverpool, England. Steve spent a brief part of his childhood in Liverpool.

Steve has lived all over the US - Florida, California, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and briefly in other states - experiencing life and local American culture in a variety of settings. Music has been a strong influence since childhood, the Beatles having influenced him profoundly. "They had a song for everything in life....." ~Steve

From an early age, he has been fascinated with storytelling, mythology - especially the science fiction genre and the possibilities it allows. He grew up enjoying science fiction artwork as well, including those of the classic prog rock album cover artists of yesteryear, his album INTERCEPTOR and its artwork by Mark Poole, some of which Steve commissioned and had art direction on paying homage to that special time when one could walk into a record store and buy a vinyl album based on the packaging artwork alone - the music more often than not as good as and in keeping with the vibe of the artwork.

Steve is a graduate of USC, his major influences in college being classes in video production, writing and psychology.

Upon graduation from college, Steve joined the US Army working in JAG Criminal Law, his first duty assignment in an Army Ranger unit in Monterey California at Fort Ord. He later relocated overseas with the Army, initially within the major medical command in Seoul, from which he was selected to work in JAG in intelligence oversight assigned to a human counterintelligence unit. Upon being honorably discharged from the Army, Steve relocated to the southeast US where he returned to military medicine, taking care of soldiers both active and retired as well as their family members...his personal time devoted to pursuing his music with his dynamic and loyal bandmates, also into science fiction and music.

"...Songwriting for me is about opening yourself up and allowing the songs...the music to find you. Sometimes it feels as if songs already exist somewhere out in the ether - songs finding those that are receptive and open themselves up to them...the songs choosing the right person to "hear" them to then bring them into existence that others may also hear them. I think the same can be said of other artistic formats as well..." ~Steve

Steve currently resides in the southeast US with his rescue dachshund "Groovy" the wonder dog by his side, suffering from wanderlust and a desire to connect deeply with and collaborate with other creative people...exploring his own and their potential and what can be created together. He also writes science fiction short stories and pens an occasional cartoon for his series " 'Flicted " in the twisted, dry wit and manner of Charles Addams and Gary Larson...taking aim at and poking fun at life...

"...I would like to think that my music will touch others...explore relationships, the fallout of a disposable society on the human condition and things about life others feel and have also thought about...but haven't quite heard expressed in music before in perhaps quite the same way... I also want my music to honor those I love very much who influenced my journey and made me feel this life so passionately..."