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Still Inertia

Still Inertia is Jason Kraley.

Originally from Cleveland, Jason Kraley began creating music in 1993 under the name "Inertia".
In 1999, the name was changed to "Still Inertia" to avoid identity confusion.

With Jason Kraley as the heart of Still Inertia's writing and composition, his music is based on experimentation fusing both electronic and acoustic sounds (and samples) of guitars, pianos, orchestral sections and the human voice. A majority of Still Inertia's songs would not be possible without gracious contributions from guest musicians and vocalists around the world. Ultimately, everything is composed, reorganized and pulled together by Kraley.

Between 1993 through 2005, Kraley had composed, duplicated, promoted and sold 5 albums, 2 EPs, 4 singles and 2 remix projects on cassettes, CD-Rs and digital self-promotion. Still Inertia had also composed the soundtrack for "Born Lucky", a film by Shahin Afnan (2005), gaining an entry into the International Movie Database (

Still Inertia relocated to Philadelphia in October 2005. Armed with hours of recordings and plenty of gear, the six years which followed became (unknown at that time) the project for the decidedly-named album, "Invested".

"Invested" literally is Still Inertia's first most monumental achievement: finalized after 6 years, 2 cities and 3 studio locations. Through kind support and belief from Stephen Keever, Gooding, Jason Popejoy, Pepper McGowan and Christine Siarka, the album was finalized between August and October of that year. The album's packaging and presentation was graphically design by Jason Kraley himself - all while the album was mastered in the talented hands of Mike Giffin in Los Angeles, California.

Still Inertia welcomed the assistance and brilliance of guest technicians, lyrical defenders of the mighty pen, and wildly gifted (and ambitiously talented) musicians from around the world including: Roto Visage, toshio alan mana, Lane DiFlavis, Jason Popejoy, Pepper McGowan, Ren Clark, Courtney Ann Smith, Shwag McGinty, GOODING, Mike Williams, Amanda North, Colin Helb, Keith Royer, and the much welcomed sampling assistance of the Philharmonia Orchestra of London!

After becoming a BMI-affiliated musician in 2011, Jason Kraley officially released Still Inertia's first internationally self-published album, "Invested", on November 29, 2011.

Extending beyond that album, Still Inertia continually strives to introduce unusually unique blends of vocal and instrumental songs (or movements) - vibrant, colorful, rich and, at times, uniquely dark styles are layered and woven to blend texture into sound. We simply cannot tune out the acoustic sounds around us, and we also cannot ignore the technological world we are inextricably connected to. Therefore, our ever-changing environments from which we live in and create will inevitably shape and change Kraley's music throughout his lifetime. One cannot pigeonhole any one style or genre of Still Inertia.

2014 marks the release of "Damocles' Sword" - the first ever digital-only, mastered release single. It is meant as closure to the "Invested" chapter of Kraley's 2+ year creative/writer's block (musically), welcoming what unimagined things are yet to come...

Visit Still Inertia's official website for the latest news, information and other songs and future progress... or visit Still Inertia on Facebook.

-Jason Kraley (a.k.a. Still Inertia)