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I first came across music at kindergarten, because my parents sent me to art school to learn to play fipple flute. Later, I moved to trumpet and I played it for the most part of my elementary school. I was a member of the Pribor Young Brass Orchestra. During that time, I did sport professionally, I did swimming and tennis. I already knew that the world of art is the world I want to live in. Therefore, it was easy to choose my future job and school. I went to Janackova Conservatory in Ostrava. I picked acting as my major, and since the major I studied was called music and drama, I was once again in contact with musical instruments. I played a guitar for two years, piano for two years, and sang for four years.

After successful graduation from the Conservatory, I became a member of the National Moravian- Silesian Theatre, but I was not happy. I wanted to write my own plays, do my own theatre, my own show. This was not possible in such a big establishment, so I started to make my own living as a freelance actor. During the whole time, I was interested in music. I listened to everything, all the time. I performed many concerts as a singer and drummer in my gloomy flat. I have always been a dreamer. I dreamt that I would give people joy and reason to think. Yes, I am a dreamer, and I dream that through my actions, I can make the world a better place.

In 2004, I decided that founding a band is the right thing to do to make my dreams come true. My first band was called PUBLIC RELATIONS. I played drums at first, then I went over to the microphone and began to sing. I was consumed by the work, I wrote lyrics, composed music, arranged. As the time passed, I realized that my objectives are much bigger, so I was forced to make people leave the band and change them regularly. Therefore, fourteen musicians went through the band before I met the right ones. I would not believe that putting together a band according to my ideas is such a difficult task. After recording our debut album No Turns in 2008, we began to do big concerts, and the critics liked us. But I still felt that there can be no democracy in art that I might record some other albums with the band, but they would be all the same. I like to search, not to do things the same way all the time. In 2011, I recorded second album with the band. It was called The Platinum Air, and was also successful . The godmother of the album was Eva Urbanova, but it was not received so well by the fans. Times change, and due to the art democracy, new things can only be created under the dictatorship of the author, since before others can react, things would change again. I consider the greatest success of PUBLIC RELATIONS to be the first place in European competition "Play with Metallica" at a music festival Sonicsphere 2010. 11 000 people from Europe voted for us, and we performed at the festival, along with bands like Megadeath, Slayer, Fear Factory, Anthrax, Alice In Chains, and Metallica themselves.

And then, the era of a single project SunAlchemy begins, when I began to play more with music in modest circumstances (notebook and headphones). I was searching for new vehicles of expression for my lyrics. I wanted to dream more, to be more modern, to combine it with what I have learned with PUBLIC RELATIONS. Even then, I was convinced that great thoughts could be transferred into music in a modern way without sounding too intellectual. I composed without publishing, I only published digitally, free of charge on the Internet. During that, I produced other bands in the project of my recording studio SunLine music. I met great people, learned new views of music and kept absorbing everything, everything that was happening around me in the musical world and I spent dozens of nights on youtube learning how to do it.

In November 2011, I met a person, who saw a meaning in my efforts, agreed to become my producer and helped me to bring the SunAlchemy project to a professional level. Thanks to him, my first official album FREE SPIRIT 2012: The Art WithoutAl Art Is EHH! was created. Under his kind support, the live show was created. As the name itself shows, we decided to fight mediocrity and all bad things in this world. We do not win every battle, but the war is not over yet, also thanks to you people, who are our fans, and support our efforts, that seem meaningless at first sight. Thank you for that. Do not let them take your dreams away.

SunAlchemy is music with an opinion. SunAlchemy is a dream, a feeling. SunAlchemy is an attitude. SunAlchemy is a proof that money can also be an instrument for something greater.

I would like to thank my producer Jan Nemec, I would like to thank my co-players Suzanne Siren (vocals), Thomas de Balder (guitar), Steph (base, lyrics), MyBach II (drums). Without those people, I am nothing, I love them and I know that our common world is better. The door is open for everyone, so welcome....

Why SunAlchemy as a name?

When I realized that those who want to fly high must fly alone, I had to choose a name for my single project. Sun is life, hope. We look at it and it is the brightest star. It is strong, it gives life, and kills at the same time. We take it for granted because it comes up every day. And the combination with alchemy – I wanted to say by that that I know how to play with music, that I am a lab. I combine the uncombinable, I connect the unconnectable. These two symbols should symbolize the strength to take down walls and give people beauty, life and hope, to bring light to their lives. That is why I am called SunAlchemy.


2008 - Without Words
2008 - Nile City
2009 - Future Life
2009 - O lásce, cti a kuráži (About Love, Honour and Courage)
2009 - Golden Symphony
2010 - SunLine music vol.1
2011 - Mirorring
2011 - Excperiences
2012 - FREE SPIRIT 2012: The Art Without Art Is EHH!