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Anthony James Lester AKA artist TONES is trademark in USA and Canada
UK/Canadian song writer/musician
Born in Margate Kent England / resides in Canada
Tours of North America both sides of the border

Independent record producer supports vocals with multiple instruments and some great guest artists
Tones is a true solo entity who enjoys the creativity and challenges of song writing to give his CD releases a personal touch and charm. For each song!

Tones is a music artist open to collaboration when it lends itself but easily able to let a constant flow of self created music and song emerge
Tones plays many instruments in the writing process, mainly various guitars and guitar effects. Tones songs and music are like a tapestry of creativity rather than a loop of same sound or repetitious monotony as many artists are today. Think of a band and their sound?
Isn't it more about the song?
If each song could be good and creative and not sound the same as the last one?
It is difficult to do
And it takes the ability to transform the charm from the thought through the hands and ears to the recording medium

As a creator of just music with the transparency of individual energy in sound the artist becomes secondary to the actual song(s)

Tones started out as a singer front man for Jabberwocke, a Toronto based touring band, and all the while writing with guitars to eventually emerge as guitarist vocalist in Toronto's punk group Arson. Metamorphic change occurs given time and the right energy to remain creative. And you contribute, share and learn from your comrades
Next phase to emerge was the Toronto group Boys Brigade with extensive USA and Canada touring to support LP produced by a really great visionary and godfather of Toronto rock, Geddy Lee of RUSH Talk about CREATIVE! Rush are great role models
Geddy saw first hand the creative differences wailing off the stage among 6 players.
It all gelled to a become a new live sound that packed the venues that were open to new and different NEW WAVE sound in Toronto

Vocalist and guitarist for Boys Brigade, Anthem/Capitol artist TONES evolved into guitar FX/Synths and a style of guitar unlike the usual rock groups circulating on FM radio in the 80's. Being pop oriented and rhythm packed it was a driving force for the young Boys Brigade's live extravaganza draw and contributed greatly to the packed concert halls
Tones best attributes are love of music and an imagination in song creation and a humble approach to life
It is really about the appreciation for expression and song with Tones music releases.
Totally free and unsophisticated in each song approach

Tones has come to be recognized as a diverse writer of pop rock and rhythmic song with progressive styling and 60's roots
adapted with modern change and uses the freedom that independence offers to discover fresh musical path from song to song.
Best designs are the originals that don't follow common commercial trends
Tones remembers Motown and The Beatles
Too young to see them live all those great artists but in retrospect it is music to respect for its greatness and melodic values
Music a world with out borders!
Why not seek adventure and difference?
Try to keep some fun in the process
Bio 2005
Bio 2013 Tones experience a fractured left hand (guitar players worst nightmare) Indie artist Tones
Writing as always but actual recording and guitar ability is in recovery mode.
2015 Bio Left hand is responding and still has some numbness