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I heard the voice of God shortly after giving my life to Jesus 11/29/1998. "This is a rap" were the words I heard in writing poetic expressions of my gratitude for salvation and my awe and reverence of God. Today, this music serves two purposes: an outlet to exhaust the fire hydrant of truth God gives me from studying His word without the spiritual political correctness of the day. And the music serves as a tool for evangelism and disciple making. It's Christian more than rap. Ministry over industry. And the holiness of God over the popularity of hip-hop. I've heard consistent feedback from countless people who repeatedly say the music provokes bible reading, holiness, witnessing, and spiritual growth. It's not for the ashamed of Jesus, seeker friendly, nor the itching ear. It's music made for an audience of One: KING JESUS! It's for those who crave absolute truth, those who are willing to stand up for Jesus Christ, and those who burn fervently to live in obedience to God's word!