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Tedi May

Tedi May

I grew up in the Ancient and beautiful Ozark Hills of Missouri, in the Midwestern United States.
Where the North and South dividing line was in the Civil war..
Where there's plenty of clear running water, lots of wildlife, and a very close knit community of people who migrated here as the East got crowded..
Mainly Scottish, Irish, French, English, Cherokee..
Making the journey in wagons, on foot, on horseback, from the Appalachian mountains and bringing their music, food, and social traditions along..
My first memory is dancing to my Scottish/Appalachian Grandpa Mcfarland playing the fiddle at weekly family and friends
"Music Parties."
My first band in high school was Bluegrass.
We were so backwoods country I though Elvis was hard rock!
I played the banjo with my Momma Jeannie on upright bass.
She's an awesome vocalist too...
After I graduated from high school (14 in my class), I took up the drums.
I practiced about six hours a day for a year and became accomplished enough to play professionally around the Midwest in a 50-60s three piece rock band..
I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1993 and attended the Atlanta Institute of Music, earned a degree in electric bass, and became the first female to
graduate with honors from the school.
I have taught beginner fiddle and bass, and love teaching others how to play..
I'm also a code certified home inspector, real estate investor, home renovation
ovation expert, and Jill of all trades..
Daddy always told me "You can do anything you think you can do."
I believed him!
I'm an award winning songwriter, having won the prestigious "Winfield~Walnut Valley New Song writing competition" in 2009.
My Philosophy is this:
"Whatever you feel strongly in your gut, in your spirit, do everything you can to fulfill it.
If you don't feel it, take some time and see why..
That's what we're here for.
Don't let anyone or anything stop you from your goals and desires to be what you are called to be.
There may never be the perfect situation, there may always be someone or something that isn't supporting your vision, even yourself..
Give it your all, and whatever happens, at least you know you've done your best."
Oh, and walk in PEACE.