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The Abbott Family Band

If you often visit downtown Santa Cruz, you’ve probably seen the Abbott family. For over eight years now, this family of four has been sharing their music on the sidewalks of Pacific Avenue. Over the years they’ve developed a hard-driving bluegrass sound based on the mountain music of Appalachia, and listeners are often surprised to hear that the family has been in Santa Cruz for over thirty years!

Sons Luke and Kyle began playing music at a very young age, and have gained a reputation as being some of the hottest bluegrass pickers in California. Parents Carl and Leslie started playing much later in their lives (following the kids’ lead in learning music by ear) but contribute to the solid rhythm and those inimitable family harmonies.

It’s rare to see a family playing music together these days, especially one with children in their 20’s, but the Abbotts hope to inspire more folks to join in the fun. They’ve dedicated themselves to teaching others to play this very approachable ‘people music’ with their friends and family, and have created a unique learning method to greatly simplify the process of learning to play music, and to play with others. You can try their learning method for free at