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The Blackbird

The Blackbird was born on Long Island, NY about a forty four days before John F. Kennedy and Aldous Huxley moved over to the other side at the beginning of the Second American Civil War. It was a time of hopefulness and imagination when The People were alive and self assured and believed, throughout all of the struggle and conflict of the era, that they were working towards a prosperous and peaceful shared future for their country and the world. The creative spirit of the time was flourishing and the entire world reaped the benefits.

He was spent his early years immersed in Beatles' music, and when he was properly seasoned, he reached out into the other wonderful music of the counter culture. The background of his childhood was a loving family, and a watercolored collage of the Moon landing, the Viet Nam War, Civil Rights Movement, the dark paranoia of Richard Nixon, the ominous drills hiding under desks in school and the demented policy of Mutual Assured Destruction which defined the Cold War, the enlightened fantasy of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, and Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone and the social masterpiece of Archie Bunker's Family.

In his young adulthood he began working in Theater and learned that literature could be alive. He was a founding member of the Modern Theater of Myth in New York, and he scored many classic ancient Greek and Shakespeare works, performing the scores live with the plays in New York and in international theater festivals in Scotland, Cyprus, and Greece. After a festival in Cyprus he traveled to Egypt and became interested in Egyptian mythology and history and the history transformations of religions.

In the 1990's he began collecting music and performing protest songs and other songs that people had been killed for writing and singing. Joe Hill, Victor Jara, John Lennon. He found deep inspiration in such artists but found purely political songwriting was not for him a large enough experience, and did not convey Joy- probably the most important virtue of music. He has also come to believe that in a cruel and dull world a love song is also be a protest song, and a poem may be more subversive than a political manifesto.

His interests lie in music, literature, political science, social science, futurism, speculative fiction, physics, oral history, the history of religions, mysticism, shamanism, imagination, and the function of art in society. It is his belief that mankind is at a critical turning point in it's evolution, we must either come together as a thoughtful compassionate global society, or we will descend into the madness of desperate subhumanism in a paranoid police state. He believes our evolution will be more and more consciously guided by one or the other of these forces, and he would like his voice to be an advocate of the thoughtful compassionate global society. He views his music as folk music for people with whom these ideas resonate. Folk, Rock & Blues for an Enlightened Global Village.