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The Brown Family

LEGACY is a reflection of The Brown Family and our three generations of Hawaiian and Island Music that has expanded over many decades.

Music has always been an expression of the sights and sounds of our little country settlement here in Waiehu, Maui where the historical hill of Poli'ala welcomes all who comes to visit.

Our Dad and Patriarch, Harry Haleakala Kanaka'okai Brown was a multi-talented musician that made music alongside many Hawaiian notables of his time. As the Brown 'Ohana, we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to follow in his footsteps learning the 'old school' method where we ho'oloe, listen and be observant, and take notes of our early masters of music and the art of Kiho'alu. We, the 'ohana , were very much gifted as well as respectful of the blueprints of our uncles and aunties, who themselves, were just as much our guiding hands.

Now that this LEGACY is tied to our past, our ancestors remind us that we have the responsibility to become stewards of our 'aina and teach the next generation to live the life's values to the fullest, To remember our roots and affirm that our children, and grandchildren are afforded the same opportunities to embrace on our culture and arts that we have enjoyed in our time.

We mahalo our loved ones who have gone ahead to make our pathways bright.

May you all enjoy the music of Kevin Brown, his son, Ikaika Brown and his daughter, Ka Ena Brown as they now leave their LEGACY for the future of our children. ~Sheldon Brown