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The Gemini

Question: What is The Gemini…?

Twins? The number two? The third sign of the Zodiac? Singer / Song Writer?

Answer: All of the above.

Born May 25th not only was he born under the Gemini sign but he was given the name to ensure his celestial destiny. The Gemini is a singer / songwriter, musician / entertainer that began his career fronting the band Zodiac. The Gemini reemerged on his own and has continued with 5 solo albums to date.

One man can truly make a difference...

"Sooner or Later" released in 2016 is the return of the Gemini better than ever! A 2 Disc set featuring 10 NEW songs performed in 2 different styles!
Disc 1 contains a full band sound with all the instrumentation provided by The Gemini himself.
Disc 2 contains a raw, stripped way down take on the new songs, all performed LIVE.

Other Albums:
2010 release "One Of A Kind". By playing all the instruments himself (except for some exciting guest appearances) The Gemini's full sound is better than ever. Loud and rocking, soft and mellow, some country picking and a little Irish ditty all packed inside 13 songs on this amazing disc!

Released in 2007, "Stripped", as its name indicates, is raw bare bones music that is stripped down to essence of the songs by using only two acoustic guitars and one voice.

"Any musician or song can be over produced to sound amazing but it's when you take away all of that and get down to just the performer and the song can you truly hear the talent " explains The Gemini. "People make the mistake of thinking only two guitars equals simple music. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are using two guitars and the limitless possibilities they offer and trying to get the most out of them".