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The Jellybottys

The Jellybottys were born out of the mists of timelessness back in the year of our lordess Jellobin 199864385. They are a true spontaneous musical event, with no fixed style or limitations of what music to create, all songs are born from a live recording session somewhere in the jellyshere at sometime. They band channel divinely inspired and spontaneous Jelly music through their open, innocent minds and seething inability to care about what musical results will manifest.This has led to an amazing list of songs and themes covering many emotions, weirdo chords, dances, non styles and generally exsplosive Jellybeats that have caught the attention of many an unsuspecting Jellybotty in audiences across the globe. People everywhere love singing these totally hysterical and infectious songs. The bands inventory of tunes include the almighty classical jelly rock anthem"Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable" the trancendental majesty of "Wish I was a Jellyfish" and the downright stompy humouristical swing of "le Brinky Wanky". The band hope to get to know many of you and share their music, humour and joyous dementedness. Jelly!