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The Midwayers


Seasons: Vol. 1, the debut album from The Midwayers is awash with movement and paints a pretty picture of a natural state of being, lyrically, thematically, and physically. Imagery plays a massive part in this release and is applied to all areas of life with a wonderfully pensive indie-folk sound.

“Spot on,” Brendon Mellere, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, says of the description. “My brother and I [vocalist and keys, Tyson Richardson] went through a massive hippie stage when we were younger. We’ve gone through a lot of walks of life. I was screaming metal before I knew I could sing.

“It seems the older I’ve gotten, the less I’ve screamed and the more I’ve sung. We think it’s for the better.”

Seasons: Volume 1 is hippie-inspired, sure, but in developing this album The Midwayers have found their centre. “We listened to so many different styles of music growing up,” says Mellere. “Our styles are quite different, but when we started playing together it all clicked, it worked so well.”

So this is how The Midwayers roll – authentic, honest and oozing with creative flair – and it’s what they feel the world needs, to be stripped back to basics, and to be in touch with life. “We don’t want to be whingey about emotions and stuff, but we do love nature, we do love being out in the sticks and try and relate our lyrics to it all.”

Mellere and the music of The Midwayers will certainly strike as being very pensive but there was a journey to be had to reach this point. “I’ll be honest,” Mellere begins, “I had a lot of anger issues when I was younger. Music was a massive release. I think it’s similar for my brother. I don’t know, we look at the world and go, ‘It’s pretty out of whack, morally.’ Our way of getting that out is in our lyrics.”

It’s evident in their music – listening to opener ‘Soar’, that if good feelings weren’t surfacing on hearing it, they certainly do when you watch the accompanying video. Uplifting and happy, the carefree and breezy nature of the video encompasses The Midwayer’s characters but also sees their love and passion for the real extend into other creative mediums as they take on videography and artwork duties themselves. “I do all our artwork, all those paintings you see,” Mellere says. “Tyson does all our video, he’s a natural, he absolutely loves it.”

This trio have a free spirit, and that nature is exposed and explained in their music Mellere says. “When we touch on something that might be really personal we tend to write a bit more metaphorically, but we try not to offend.”

As a concept album, Seasons: Volume 1. is rife with metaphors. “It was about trying to write and record songs about every season, taking it from the vibe of each season – we’ve done that over the past 14 months. We put it all together on this album, the last year, every three months, writing and recording different parts. There’s a lot of differences in sound, which made mastering difficult because every season sounded different. But it all came together as a whole, a year in sound.”

You might say The Midwayers have rewritten Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with a folk-rock leaning, bringing their story together in sight and sound. “On the album artwork there’s a tree. Every image of each season was [depicted] in a quarter of that tree. When you bring each quarter together, you have a whole image,” Mellere says.

“It’s been a hard journey – I have a five-year-old and a six-week-old baby – a pretty intense journey. It’s taken time to get balance but it’s good. This is good.”