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The Secret Carpet Club

The Secret Carpet Club is a Scandinavian folk group consisting of Emma Johansson – flutes and voice, Carl Nyqvist, fiddles, and vocal harmonies, both from Sweden, and Vidar Skrede – guitars and vocal harmonies, from Norway. The three musicians met as master students in Nordic folk music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 2008. Drawn to each other’s playing styles and to the results of the unique musical chemistry that arose between them, they founded the trio The Secret Carpet Club. Since then, they have held concerts and toured around Scandinavia. Their sound is an acoustic weave of guitar, fiddle, flute and voices, through summerly songs and tunes pervaded by an attractive combination of sparks and low shoulders.

Releases: Popular Music from Scandinavia (2009), Village (2011).

Emma Johansson (from Gothenburg, Sweden) is a freelance musician as a folk singer and flute player. She has a master degree in performing Swedish folk music at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and has specialized in the West Swedish music traditions. Besides The Secret Carpet Club, Emma is known from bands like Oleman (with Olof Misgeld and Anette Thorsheim), Tandoori Hill (with Petter Berndalen, Emma Reid and Bengt Jonasson), the international band Seaquins (with among others Ditte Fromseier Mortensen, Anna Massie, Mairearad Green and Emily Smith), Huggevill (with Görgen Antonsson from Draupner and Fomp and Jonas Olsson), Eter (with Sofia Karlsson, Anna Johansson and Leo Svensson). She has released several CD’s, such as “Eter – eter” 1998, “Huggevill - vid randen blå” 2006, “Tandoori Hill - Brave Shyness” 2009, “The Secret Carpet Club – Popular Music from Scandinavia” EP 2009, and as a soloist together with Emma Reid on the CD “En stjärna gick på himlen fram” 2010, with “Lunds akademiska kör”. She has appeared on television and radio, among others on the TV show with Barbro Svensson “Lill-Babs” and on “Bröstcancergalan i Globen” with Katie Melua and her hit “Nine Million Bicycles”.

Carl Nyqvist (from Lidköping, Sweden) is a coveted fiddler and tune writer, working as a freelance musician, in addition, to teach at workshops, seminars, courses and more. He has distinguished himself as a “riksspelman” (National Folk Musician of Sweden) in performing tunes from Västergötland, the area which he also has his musical background from. He has a master degree in Nordic folk music at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, where he studied under among others Mikael Marin (from Väsen), Ellika Frisell, Arto Järvelä (from JPP) and Harald Haugård. Besides The Secret Carpet Club and various duo projects, Carl is heard in the band NOMAS (that released the CD “Flow” in 2009) and in cross over constellations like the bluegrass-influenced band Bleeding Hearts and the folk-pop band Norrom. He has been heard on radio and television all over Northern Europe.

Vidar Skrede (from Haugesund, Norway) is a freelance Nordic folk musician on guitar, Harding fiddle, fiddle, and bouzouki. He has a background the traditional music from Rogaland (South West of Norway) and has a master degree in Nordic folk music at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Vidar is known from bands like Vidar Skrede DYNAMO BAND (with Pilvi Talvitie and Jani Kivelä from Tsuumi Sound System), Geitungen, AAMOS (with Kevin Henderson from Boys of the Lough, Session A9 and Fiddlers’ Bid) The Great Norwegian Guitar Quartet (with Tore Bruvoll, Annar By and Øystein Sandbukt), and NOMAS. He has also performed with artists like Vegar Vårdal, Patrik Andersson, Frode Haltli, Stian Carstensen (from Farmers Market), Kristian Bugge (from Baltic Crossing), Niklas Roswall (from Ranarim), Zar (DK), Bodega (UK), and Sver (NO). Vidar has appeared on national television in Norway and Iceland and been heard on the radio in all the Nordic countries and USA, which includes two live radio concerts at NRK P2 in Studio 19. Vidar has released CD’s like “Geitungen – Vaniljesaus” 2001, “Geitungen – Bra Kast” Grappa 2005 (awarded at the Norwegian Folk Music Awards), “NOMAS – flow” 2009, “Vidar Skrede DYNAMO BAND – Organic Polska” EP 2009, “The Secret Carpet Club – Popular Music from Scandinavia” EP 2009, “Geitungen – Langt Ute” Grappa 2010 (nominated at the Norwegian Folk Music Awards). Vidar is a coveted musician on the Nordic folk music scene and a popular tune writer – his compositions are played and recorded by bands like Fiddlers’ Bid and Blazing Fiddles besides with his own projects.