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The Skinny Millionaires

The Skinny Millionaires' story is as intriguing as their genre bending music. After living with and touring with rock bands in Seattle, WA, lead singer/guitarist Mike O'Donnell moved back to his Atlantic home of Newport, Rhode Island, after being nearly stabbed to death at his own show at 26 years old. This life altering event gave Mike a clear and objective view of what he needed to do - get back to the only true survival tool he's ever had - music. Mike came back to the east in early 2007, and soon after started searching for The Skinny Millionaires, and hit the ground running.

The Skinnies sound takes garage punk sweat and balls and seamlessly mixes it with lush, hauntingly beautiful Americana. The dark, brooding, folk-noir lyrics penned by Mike, mixed with the gypsy like violin of classicly trained prodigy Meghan O'connor, create an undeniably pure sound, often compared to Bob Dylans "Desire" album. Live shows are always unpredictable, as The Skinnies believe that the best rock shows are the ones that have the potential to completely self destruct at any second, leaving audiences enthralled, sweaty, and wanting more.

Within a year or so, The Skinnies ventured around the East Coast, realizing that they could arrange their set to appeal to quite a diverse audience - from the self depracating indie kids to the old school pool skating heshers, and all areas in between. They got out and did shows with The Supersuckers, Deer Tick, Lady Starlight (of Lady Gaga's band), Hank and Cupcakes, The Slackers, Scott H. Biram, The Dwarves, Electric Frankenstein, The Turbo AC's, Lagwagon, and tons of others, gaining them rave critical reviews across the board. Early on, the Newport Mercury did a cover story on Mike, and in early 2010 The Skinnies recieved The Mercury award for "Best Band 2010" - and won a second time in 2011. that same year, Mike also scored a guitar gig for The Turbo AC's and did a midwest tour with rock legends The Dwarves as well as touring with The Dropkick Murphys.

The debut album "Sleeping Dogs Lie" is, in no way, a lousy recording by some band in their garage for a hundred bucks. Engineered by Grammy Nominated Scott Rancourt at Summing Point studio in Newport, RI, the album, strangely enough, started as Mikes solo acoustic album when he moved back to Newport and didnt quite have a band going yet. But, as things got rolling, Mike wasn't quite satisfied with that.
" I just kept going over it in my head, like...these songs need to be what they actually are...if I feel like a giant string arrangement needs to be in that chorus, I need to figure out how to get that to happen. If I feel like I need a room full of female backup vocals...I need to make it happen." And so the album started building and building, until all of the sudden, it was anything but a sparse solo acoustic effort, but a huge production with a varrying array of talented people coming together with the same goal in mind. Although Mike recorded aoubt 85-90% of the instruments alone, including guitar, bass, vocals, harmonica, ukelele, piano, drums, and more, the album wouldnt be nearly what it is without the help of people like rising star John McCauley, singer for the band Deer Tick, who lends vocals to three songs, and John Studer, who plays drums on various tracks. And of course, Meghan O'Connor, whose violin really makes the album into an original work of art. The album is mostly Folk, Americana style rock n' roll, but every so often the distortion turns up and a garage punk burner weasels its way into the album, released by 75 or Less Records.

2011 is set to be another big year for The Skinny Millionaires, as they plan on taking their act and turning up the heat and destroying everyone in their way, but mostly staying true to that original idea that got 'em going in the first place - music is the only way to stay alive for some people, and until their hearts stop beating, it will continue to simply be a necessity, like food and water.