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The Sleepyheads

The Sleepyheads will turn everything you ever thought about art and music on its head. This proudly Pinoy indie folk-punk trio—John Jayvee del Rosario (vocals, drums), Erick Encinares (bass) and Rico Entico (guitar)—are ripping up and tearing down the barriers of mainstream music with their tongue-in-cheek lyrics, gritty low-fi sound, and freakishly fun performances. While their infectious feel-good beats mayinduce uncontrollable fits of head bopping, toe tapping and jumping and jiving, the content of their music is certainly notlightweight. Their songs—intimate, fiercely poetic and deceptively meticulous—tackle everything from brokenhearted miseries to social alienation to warding off the disillusionment, chaos and decay that comes with modern urban life.

John Jayvee and Erick first met at Trinity College through a common friend. Bonding over a common love for bands like The Velvet Underground, The Talking Heads, The Modern Lovers and The Shaggs, they decided toteam up and name their band after Jonathan Richman’s “Wake Up Sleepyheads”. Although they played music together throughout the 1990s, they officially formed The Sleepyheads in 2000. Rico Entico joined the group in mid-2009, thuscompleting this merry band of ‘art rebels and outsiders’. Several rock ‘n’ roll years later, the band continues to stay true to their mission of preserving their raw art-fueled avant-garde approach to their work and proving that “music is universal, rock ‘n’ roll is forever, and that dreams matter.” With three albums under their belt, ‘(Don’t Let Our) Tuneless Moaning (Go To Waste)’ (2006) and ‘Malnutrition Of Love’ (2010), 'Avant Garege: WRECKENROLL' (2011) and a 4th album set to be released in December of 2012, the band has not only proven that “dreams matter”, but that dreams can indeed come true.

All three ‘Sleepyheads’ are artists in their own right. Therefore, it is no surprise that the band’s music and performances are driven by a love for art as well as their dedication to the local art community. In fact, The Sleepyheads, often playing in art galleries and exhibitions such as Mo’s Gallery and Silverlens, the band aspires to create music that would serve as “the soundtrack” for the paintings, sculptures, installations and performances of their fellow Filipinos. Their allegiance and love towards the Pinoy creative community is mutual: Legendary artists Louie Cordero, Manuel Ocampo (who also made Beck’s ‘Odelay’ cover) and Roberto Chabet designed the band’s first, second, and third album covers, respectively.

The Sleepyheads are also working on another album (live recording) that will be purely raw and low-fi and solely dedicated to the music of The Modern Lovers, The Shaggs and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Despite being in the industry for over a decade, the band continues to work towards fulfilling their rock ‘n’ roll dream of being “a band that would matter, draw inspiration from their heroes, stay true to their vision, and always play for the love and fun of music.” With a year full of creative projects, gigs and events, it’s clear that The Sleepyheads will be blazing through the local and international music scene with a sly wink and a smile.