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The Virginia Company

In 1989, three talented Williamsburg musicians, Dean Shostak, Barry Trott, and Cliff Williams, formed The Virginia Company. Dean, Barry, and Cliff met while playing in the 18th century taverns of Williamsburg. Visitors to the colonial capital loved the music, and the trio decided to take their skills to a wider audience. The band toured extensively throughout the mid-Atlantic, performing at festivals, historic sites, concert halls, and schools. For many years, The Virginia Company was featured in the Virginia Commission for the Arts Tour Directory, and played shows across the state. The band recorded two CDs of popular songs and tunes of the 17th and 18th centuries, Nine Points of Roguery and Vintage Virginia.

In 1993, Dean left the band to pursue his passion for Benjamin Franklin’s glass armonica and was replaced in the trio by award-winning Scottish fiddler David Gardner. In addition to bringing a new focus on Scots music, Dave added a strong third voice to the band’s sound, and The Virginia Company and the new trio released a third CD, Smash the Windows, in 1996. The band continued to tour into the early 21st century.