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Three Engine Train

The truth behind Three Engine Train…A biography.

During previous acts with other bands drummer Brandon Corriveau and vocalist/guitarist Dan Ward had met by chance and became musically interested.
Ward, the owner of a popular local DJ service, was leading the well-liked cover band Johnny Hardcore in sold-out shows across Huron County. JHC covered numerous artists such as Steve Earl, Lynard Skynard and AC/DC most famously for “Long way to the Top if you Wanna Rock and Roll” featuring Ward and occasionally other artists on the bag pipes. After 5years the band broke up due to creative and personal differences.
Upon the disband of the highly touted group, rhythm guitarist Rudi DeGroot and bassist Tim Goddard recruited Corriveau, a yet unknown drummer, to create another popular local band named Third Leg 4 Leslie. TL4L did numerous shows featuring covers from popular artists like Pearl Jam, Seven Mary Three, Bush, and Green day. Two years after conception, the popular group also disbanded after a sold out New Years show due career choices that took DeGroot to western Canada.
Following his departure from JHC, Ward concentrated on original music to get his fix. Writing and composing several songs that just needed the right mix of musicians to get them sounding right. During his time between JHC and TET, Ward experimented with other artists to bring his new creations to life. Although each musician that he worked with was an incredible artist, something just seemed to be missing.
Dec 26th 2009 marked the first official contact between vocalist Dan Ward and drummer Brandon Corriveau. A phone call placed by Ward to Corriveau inquired into the possibility of forming a band. Possibly jamming out a few cover tunes and maybe taking the local rock scene storm as both of them had done in previous acts. No one new what was to come of this.
The two started jamming in Corriveau’s basement at the end of January 2010, mostly on covers at first; until Ward played the “Didn’t Know a Thing About Love” on a whim see what vibe would develop. The chemistry was perfect! Soon to follow would be “Stutter”, “Maria”, and “Yesterdays” all of which seemed to flow effortlessly from both band mates instruments.
While trying to tie all of the music together the search for a bassist ensued. Numerous individuals were auditioned but only one truly stood out from the rest. Sean Smith auditioned for the band in early June of 2010 and was recruited immediately. Smith, a veteran of the music scene in Stratford Ontario, had played bass in many bands. Sean’s scope of popular music and creative prowess put him in a league all his own. His first impressions on the other band members were unforgettable!
After two practices, the newly formed, but not yet named, group collaborated on several other songs from Wards repertoire and determined that the music needed to be recorded and showcased to the public. A schedule was put forth leading up to a date that Ward had negotiated with local venue The Candlelight Tavern, for a CD Release party to take place on October 9, 2010. The name Three Engine Train was selected from a list of several that the group had built and the search for a producer was on.
Tom Waschkowski, a friend of both Ward and Smith and a fellow mason from the Stratford hall was selected to demo the rough cuts to. Waschkowski was a veteran of the music industry getting his start in the 1960’s recorded his first released LP "Release the Sunshine" by the Folklords (a folk/phych) Group in 1968 on Allied/Elektra Records. Tom owned his own state of the art recording studio called Maxim in 1978-1981 where many groups recorded, Helix, Stampeders, 1984, etc. “if memory serves me a group from Goderich called Star Trex an LP called Goldrush.” Upon hearing the songs played for him live in Smith’s basement, Waschkowski requested the group record a demo of nine songs and submit to him for further creative action.
Recording of the TET self titled album started on August 30th, 2010 at the Masonic Concert hall in Stratford Ontario. The recording, mixing, mastering and production took three weeks to complete. With help from Tricia Denomme at Hope Photography ( for the band photo shoot, Rudi DeGroot at Inspyre Design Studios ( Von Degroot custom photos ( for the album art and website design as well as Smith and Waschkowski mastering the music, this project came together marvelously.
The live debut of the band and their first CD compilation happened on October 9, 2010 at the Candlelight Tavern in Goderich Ontario. Playing to a near capacity crowd, TET wowed their audience with a state of the art light show along with several cover songs that complimented nicely the original music that was showcased.
TET continues to book shows and has teamed up with local radio to help bring other fresh acts to the forefront of the music scene. Roots Rock Revival will be a featured program on local radio station 104.9 The Beach in Goderich which will showcase local talents in a bid to gain radio play and fanfare.

Dan Ward - Vocal, Guitar
Sean Smith - Bass
Brandon C. - Drums

Three Engine Train - Debut Album Released October 09, 2010