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Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield


As a fan of music, over the years, Tom Salvatori (composer, IL-USA) has always enjoyed a steady diet of guitar-based music of all kinds, from rock to acoustic rock to classical guitar...although he’ll even tell you that the occasional side dish of a piano piece has caught his attention from time to time..."Neil Young added a piano on Harvest with ‘A Man Needs a Maid’ and Mark Everett (E) did so as well on A Man Called E with ‘You’ll be the Scarecrow,’...and I’ve got to say, even though it’s always been about the guitar for me, on both those albums, the piano songs quietly became my favorite."

Fast forward to the decade of aught, and, more so because his creative inspiration led him down the path of composing for the Classical Guitar, Tom has quietly observed that inside his circle of classical guitar enthusiasts, he’s noticed that most of these guitar fans follow 'their' instrument with a somewhat singular do the classical pianists. "When it comes right down to it, when you forage the CD bins at the record store, you start to notice that the artists who specialize in classical guitar are in a very different circle than their counterparts who specialize on the piano. In one bin, there are solo guitar artists catering to a guitar CD buying audience – and in another, solo pianists appealing to piano CD buying enthusiasts. The two circles seem to be separated by a big bold line drawn between them. Heck, even the father of the modern classical guitar, Andres Segovia, raised an eyebrow or two of those in the piano camp when he referred to the piano as 'a monster that screams when you touch its teeth...'"

To Tom, this division presented a personal challenge to take a step forward toward ensemble work. It was after three solo guitar CD releases that he felt compelled to investigate the addition of ensemble accompaniment. Late Night Guitar, Tom’s 2002 CD pursued the inclusion of ensemble accompaniment with the helpful hand of Michael Salvatori (Tom’s brother is a renowned commercial and video games composer…Flintstone Kids, Principal Financial...Myth, Riven, HALO Series, Disney's 'Guilty Party'...) as producer. Late Night Guitar wound up dipping a toe in the piano pool by actually featuring some piano work (along with flute, oboe and cello) in the ensemble arrangements. And guess what happened… SUCCESS! Late Night Guitar hit #2 on the instrumental charts in 2002 and won the Children’s Music Web Award in the classic recordings for Children category and continues to sell at a consistent pace.

In the follow-up CD, "When Evening Falls" – again produced by brother Mike – Tom embarks on that same swagger of an independent mindset and takes no less than a head first dive into the deep end of the piano pool. He boldly steps laterally in his guitarist spot light to provide an equal share of the ol’ bright beam to the beautiful and melodic compositions of UK classical pianist Iris Litchfield. Tom’s belief that it would be a perfect choice was strongly based on the fact that Iris’ piano compositions became, in his eyes, a case of addition, not subtraction. "I never looked at it as a risk at was a win-win consideration for both of us...based upon the compatibility of our writing styles, Iris’ work actually helps define and structure the flow of the CD, which goes from guitar to piano and back so very freely and effortlessly."

When reached for comment, Iris added “We’ve not only brought the two worlds of piano and guitar together, we’ve crossed continents to do so, which brings the world closer together, wouldn’t you say?! Working together has provided all the benefits of introducing our music to new audiences here and there. And through my working relationship with Tom, I have been introduced to the highest level of quality resources in the music industry with the likes of (our producer) Mike and the inspirational and visual work of (cellist) John Catchings, so to say the least I’m pleased with every aspect of this project, from start to beautiful finish!”

So what can be said of the outcome?

When it comes right down to the verdict, this out-n-out, fifty-fifty, even-steven collaborative effort that plays back and forth something like a heavyweight bout between Tom and Iris as they trade punches (er, tracks – i.e. Iris composed the even tracks, Tom composed the odds) is simply this:

If the old math of 50+50 = 100, then the new math that becomes crystal clear on "When Evening Falls" winds up ascending more into the infinity range of something the math wizards scratch their heads over...something called synergy...wherein the sum of the whole is actually much greater than the sum of its parts.

In layman’s terms, let’s just say "When Evening Falls" is true blue, it’s achingly timeless, and it is rightly poised to set, in concrete, a brand new shiny milepost in the long road of contemporary instrumental releases for years to come. Tom’s Guitar and Iris’ Piano soothingly, comfortingly, and quite melodically, present one quiet little masterpiece after another. It is tidily organized by a compatible compositional styling, not to mention the basic tenets of ‘everything we need in life we learned in kindergarten’...namely: politely sharing our space and taking turns. The ride down the long road with Tom and Iris is made even better with the overarching Cello work of John Catchings* (Nashville, TN) as he more than shows up to play nice in their musically friendly sandbox. He delivers the goods as he weaves his warm and tender cello arrangements into accompaniment on several of the tracks. Other special instrumental performance appearances on the CD include the bass of Craig Nelson (track 6), the viola of Monisa Angell (track 13) and the violin of Pamela Sixfin (also track 13). Beautifully composed, arranged and recorded (yes, only real instruments are used, folks!), this CD is ready to stand the 'test of time.' Lovers of the Piano and Classical Guitar will perhaps argue long into the night as to which instrumental camp this CD belongs...but the beauty of this collaborative effort is simply stated by both Iris and Tom..."Quietly’s all good!"


While history itself brings us the give and take, the rise and fall, and the ebb and flow...the history of music can chime in anytime with a comparable contrast of its own...namely the Piano and Classical Guitar. Although both instruments have been celebrated over time for their powerful delivery of multi-voiced composition, each is nestled comfortably and deeply in its own musical circle, championing and then tending to its own unique audience.

"When Evening Falls" is a collaborative music project that provides a friendly nudge to these two circles. It represents a give and take between Piano and Guitar as communicated by two kindred-spirited composers each adept in the art of conveying their music through their instrument of choice. Iris has never touched a Guitar and Tom has never played a Piano, yet both breathe life into their art through the delightful music that is produced on their respective instruments. As composers, they share a unique quality and style that not only renders a compelling theme, but then ensures it is soothingly nurtured through its rise and fall.

The Piano and Guitar...when Iris and Tom bring these circles together, a synergy occurs, a 'sweet spot' for lack of elevated patter...resulting in a calming ebb and flow of timeless and beautiful music chronicled in the CD release for our listening enjoyment.