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Tony Small

The entire spectrum of the many-sided talents of Galway’s legendary
troubadour Tony Small is on glorious display on this CD – songwriter,
skilful adapter of old songs to new situations, and peerless performer. The
unforgettable garland of songs that Tony presents here is the culmination of
a lifetime of charismatic performances in concert halls, at festivals and in
taverns throughout the length and breadth of Ireland, in Europe, and further
afield. This widely varied music bouquet contains stage favourites to
delight the hearts of Tony’s loyal following everywhere and to win him new
audiences. The songs range from the tender to the rakish to the
philosophical, from literary culture to the songs of the travelling people,
with themes traditional and contemporary, but always staying close to Tony’s
roots in the folk idiom.

Mick Crehan writes: “I came to Galway in 1986 and not just for a weekend,
unlike many of my fellow musicians. I intended to remain for a lifetime, it
was a conscious decision. Galway held many attractions for me at that time,
as it still does to this day. The western capital is steeped in history,
proud of its culture and heritage but also outward looking, ever ready to
adapt and change. This lends a vibrancy to the city that is rare and unique.

But at that period there was something altogether different and invigorating
happening in Galway culturally and musically. The exemplary voices of this
vibrant culture were Tony Small and Sean Tyrell. Their voices called out to
me across the country and ‘from Waterford hither I came’!

In my opinion Tony is the iconic figure of the cultural explosion that
happened in Galway in the 1970s and continues unabated to this day. Tony has
a deep sense of and a profound respect for tradition and yet has the ability
to breathe new life into traditional songs and ballads. He always puts his
own unique stamp on songs through subtle and sensitive changes in mood or
mode and delightful variations in melody.

Tony holds a justified and well earned place of affection, reverence and
respect in the cultural story of Galway and this album will only serve to
reinforce that position. This album is his best yet in a succession of great
and memorable recordings. It is a fine, intoxicating and vintage wine. So
sit back, kick off your shoes and let Tony take you on a magical journey
through the old, the familiar and the new.”

The Crane Bar, Galway, 2012