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Trine Opsahl - Celtic Harpist

Trine Opsahl


"Sound and music is a gateway to our true selves and resonates deep in our souls. In the purest tone is the sound of eternity." – Trine Opsahl

Trine Opsahl is a composer, Celtic harpist and CTHP (certified therapeutic harp practitioner).

Opsahl has released five albums which are available as CD’s as well as digital downloads in the United States and Europe:
”The Journey and the Dream" for solo Celtic harp which was released in Europe in 2005.
"Leaving my Silent Empty House" (2008), featuring her beloved daughter, cello player Josefine Opsahl. This album was also released as a special edition for HRH Prince Henrik in 2010, celebrating his 75th anniversary.
“Somewhere in a Hidden Memory” for solo Celtic harp was released in 2012
"Unbroken Dreams" in collaboration with cellist Josefine Opsahl was released in 2015.
"Add Colours to my Sunset Sky" for Celtic harp, monochord and vocals was released in 2017.

Trine Opsahl’s transcendent sound draws on Nordic musical traditions, yet has an effortless spiritual inspiration. She has established herself over the years as a renowned New Age Celtic harp player and composer in Europe with five inspiring albums, which have been released over the past years in the United States. "When life brought many challenges to my doorstep, playing Celtic harp became an ever-expanding opportunity for my personal development. I intuitively knew that I had embarked on my true purpose in life,” she says.

Trine was born in 1965 in Norway and moved to Denmark at the age of six. In early childhood, her musical talents emerged when she began to play the accordion. Music became her passion throughout her adolescence and she won a number of national and international prizes playing the accordion. Upon graduating from law school, becoming an attorney for the Justice department and welcoming two children, Trine faced a series of life changing events. This led her to explore and practice healing arts such as meditation, breath work and personal development and at that time she decided to follow a childhood dream and acquired her first Celtic harp.

She conveys, “Creating and playing our own music is like a prayer. The music creates a sacred space that brings us closer to who we are and to each other.”

Besides playing concerts Trines most beloved work is spent playing at the bedside for hospice patients to facilitate peaceful transitions. She is employed at two different hospices in the Copenhagen area.

Opsahl explains that, “The harp, with its soothing timbre and spiritual associations, has been revered as a healing instrument by many cultures for thousands of years. When therapeutic harp music is played, recipients may receive beneficial effects such as increased relaxation, improvement in sleep, decreased pain and anxiety, stabilization of vital signs, and improvement in mood. An end-of-life music vigil can also help a patient to achieve a peaceful transition.”

She works consciously with the art of breathing while creating her sound, which reflects the organic and peaceful intonation of her music. The celestial sound of her Celtic harp bestows a sense of calm and serenity upon the body, mind and spirit of the listener. “While playing the Celtic harp, I travel through a place of immense beauty and silence. My music is an invitation to experience a blissful journey through eternity,” she says.

The unique fusion of New Age, classical and folk music truly embodies blissful melodies of joy, peace and harmony. Tranquil, yet playful and imaginative, the euphoric sound that Opsahl creates, open the imagination to an ethereal playground.

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