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Trizonna McClendon

Lush, relaxed tones, with a closeness that almost sounds as if the vocalist is sitting inside your speaker, is the best way to describe the Trizonna McClendon sound. Whether you consider her music Soul, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Country, Alternative, Rock or Pop doesn’t matter to Ms McClendon as long as you’re listening. As far as inspiration, Trizonna is inspired by the legendary to the latest and will be the first to admit to having a very eclectic ear in regards to her personal taste in music. Her wide range of music appreciation can be attributed to her Midwest upbringing. Chicago, the place she calls home, is widely known for its roots in Blues and Jazz but is also the place where House music was born. Growing up in a city geographically situated in such a central location on the map has truly shaped Trizonna as an artist which was evident on her 4 The Soul-Reciprocity Inc. debut release Overtones & Innuendos.

Her father, a former musician introduced her to a myriad of music as a child and it obviously affected her artistic side. As a songwriter she strays away from trendy writing styles using a more timeless approach with modern day flare which allows her to put a new spin on familiar topics. All in all Trizonna McClendon is that sweet, loyal, faithful girl next door who loves to be loved but you don’t want to mistake her kind heartedness for naiveté because she can flip the switch and turn cold as a Chicago winter. Writing and performing is where she finds her solace and between the sheets of the lyrics is a place she yearns to lay for the rest of her days. Music is a powerful tool for communication and Trizonna feels it’s necessary to share through melody, the joy as well as the pain, educate as well as evaluate and live the fantasy as well as the reality.

A lot has changed for Trizonna since her days as a teen living in Oakland traveling with the Castlemont Castleers choir. She has seen music transition from a very unique art driven entity of expression to a soulless product controlled by suits whose only focus is the bottom line. Technology has played its part in the reduction of quality in terms of music but at the same time it has allowed many artists (Trizonna included) to take music back into their own hands and give it to the people the way they want to hear it. There comes a time in everyone’s life when we reach a threshold and have to decide if we’re gonna roll with the punches or carve out our own lane. The ladder was a more attractive choice for the artist known as Trizonna McClendon. Comfortable in her individuality and confident in her intentions this singer/songwriter realizes her gift to the planet is wrapped in an auditory package for all to enjoy.