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This collection of stormtrooper helmet xylophone medleys make up the original cast recording of "Wicket: A Parody Musical." It's the worlds only totally wicked Ewok centered parody Star Wars stage musical that blew the roof off the joint when it premiered at Dad's Garage Theatre Co in Atlanta, GA.

Wicket: A Parody Musical is the purest example of what Nerd Theatre can accomplish—a joyous celebration of pop culture that brings new audiences into the theatre. By digging deep into the Star Wars franchise’s fandom and flaws, Wicket manages to be both a loving homage as well as a scathing criticism.

Since you're still reading, we surmise that you’re a nerd. NERD! So then you already know that Wicket was the little Ewok that befriended Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi.

Uber-nerds know other Ewoks: Princess Kneesaa, Chief Chirpa, Teebo, Latara, and beloved medicine man Logray. We learn there is much more to these fabric softener mascots from space than we ever realized.

We also learn the true ambitions of the diabolical Emperor. We always thought he wanted the power of galactic conquest. When he really wanted the riches of massive toy sales. (Might sound a little like the motives of a certain terrestrial director whose name rhymes with Schmorge Schmucas. We assure you that all similarities between the Emperor and said director are purely intentional.)

While Wicket gives audiences a whole new perspective on Princess Leia, the Emperor, the Ewoks, and the entire saga we know so well; it also gives them reasons to cheer, memorable numbers to hum on their way home, and a hella collectable t-shirt to wear home after the show.