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"Anne Robillard" "Cordes de cristal"

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Anne Robillard is a Canadian writer who enjoys creating various projects around her series. This time, for her new series Crystal Chords, which is set in the rock’n roll fun of the 80’s, she recruited friends who also happened to be musicians ans composers, so they would compose and perform songs for each band and artist featured in the series. Fred Mercier has been a guitar player all his life. He has performed on the local scene in Quebec and is ready for the big leagues. Frank Rothery has been working on his country album for a while. He accepted to write a few songs for this innovative project. Brothers Gilles and Claude Labbé have participated to the very first song on the album and Gilles is still a precious consultant. Éric Denommé is Quebec’s most well-guarded secret! His powerful voice and charisma will no doubt become known worldwide in a near future! Julie Laverdière is a bubbly blonde singer and music teacher who readily accepted to sing two of the female songs on the album. Karyn Décarie accepted the challenge to give her voice to one of the characters of the series and had a lot of fun doing so. She has been singing in clubs in her younger years before she became a mom.