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GOOD EVENING! This is the HOWLER coming to you from an undisclosed Halloween Haunt and I have some horribly good news for all of you spooks out there who just love to party on Halloween. I’m here to tell all of you Halloween fanatics out there about an AWESOME C.D. I’ve written and had produced that is going to ‘ROCK’ Halloween. The album is called, ‘Halloween Haunts’. First let me tell you a little bit about myself, so you’ll know just how this all came about. I AM a Halloween fanatic. I’ve been a Halloween fanatic my whole life. 364 days a year I am MR. Reality. I wear no masks throughout the year like some people. What you see is what you get with me but, on Halloween I love wearing a costume and I when I get into my costume I always play the part. I’ve freaked a few people out (young and old) over the years. In my 20’s when it wasn’t ‘COOL’ to celebrate Halloween I was wearing my costume and scaring little trick or treaters. In my 30’s I dressed up with my little son and went with him on his haunts and as I’ve gotten older I still decorate my yard and, yes, I still wear a costume and scare the little trick or treaters. ( a side-bar; one year in my 20’s I didn’t wear a costume and the little kids in the neighborhood were bummed out because they said “they always liked It when I scared them”. I NEVER missed another Halloween after that) Throughout the years I’ve had my share of parties on Halloween. The last couple of years I’ve thrown theme parties. At one we built a pirate ship out of card board and everyone dressed up in their favorite pirate or wench costume. We played music from Pirate’s of the Caribbean with everyone staying in character. The next year I made my whole yard and driveway look like a cemetery and everyone dressed up like zombies. Music is a must at my parties and the old Halloween standards; MONSTER MASH, GHOST BUSTER, etc. and the old rock songs that identify with Halloween; THRILLER, WEREWOLF OF LONDON etc., although very Halloween, have just gotten a little stale over the years. Everyone I know wants something fresh and new in Halloween music. Well, In February 2010 I was inspired to write these songs. I’ve spent the last 4 years working to bring them to life. Halloween lovers who are looking for new Halloween music for their parties, music that is up to date and very danceable, look no further. Young adults who have embraced Halloween with parties and nightlife will enjoy these songs too and I think Halloween lovers of all ages will also like them. From rock to techno to hip-hop to heavy metal to blues and swing, I’ve tried to cover as many genre’s as possible. I even have a couple of Tim Burton ‘ Nightmare before Christmas ‘ type of songs just for fun. So, if you want some music that is truly unique, hip and genuinely HALLOWEEN then you MUST go right now to and purchase this C.D. It’s only 9.99. Or, if you prefer, download any song you like, MP3 for only .99 cents.

Happy Haunting!

The Howler