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Vasilis Ginos

A Greece-based musician, vasilis ginos was born in Athens in the '60s. He started off playing keyboards in bands, most of which he co-founded. His influences were the big rock groups of the era, his (non-formal but nonetheless) classical training and a late infatuation with jazz. After his Law Degree from Athens University he worked as a session musician and later an arranger and musical director for the local music scene.
An early adopter of music technology (computers and synthesizers) - even worked for Roland as a product specialist for a while - he put his skills in good use, live and in the studio. The result were many platinum-selling CDs and series of successful concerts and live performances all over Greece, backing or arranging for every major artist of his country. While at it, he developed a deep understanding and knowledge of the local repertoire and folk music of the Balkan Peninsula and the Mediterranean Basin. He pioneered the fusion of these world idioms with international pop/rock music and modern production techniques, producing major local mainstream hits for the last two decades. Keeping busy in this line of work, it wasn't until recently that he started working on the ambigua project, a modern paradigm of 20th-century classical music. Inspired by the great composers of that era, ambigua is an interpretation of selected pieces using synthesizers but not samplers. While working at it he took some time off to release a new album with his own compositions. Electron Stories with Cats is an electronic suite in nine parts, based on the classical culture (harmonies, progressions, structure etc) of the 20th century modernism with an intense geometric character and mathematical evolvement. Twelve-tone serialism, Bartokesque pentatonics and lush tonal melodies meet chilled soundscaping and abstract cinematic dissonances in an exploration of classical form and modern color.

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