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Den Edie born Dennis Shan Edie in Dover, Ohio is an American singer/songwriter and guitarist who composes and produces rock, country, punk and blues influenced music. He is the former leader of Florida rock band VEIN who released three albums " Punk in a Heavy Metal World " " Sin City Angel " and " Raven's Eye " on there UMF label.

After graduating High School Den spent four years as a sailor in the United States Navy. Then began performing in his first band in 1990. After several different groups and line up changes Den became the leader of Florida rock band VEIN in 1996. He began recording as a solo artist in 2002 but did not release his debut solo album titled " Den Edie " until 2020.

By 2003 he witnessed the rock clubs closing. The radio stations changing format and the general decline of the rock music industry. This caused him to loose his way leading him into a fifteen year hiatus where music seemed not to matter anymore. Instead he got married and had a child Thomas J. Edie born in 2012. Then he got divorced which brought him out of his hiatus back to his original love the guitar.

Den's sound is a mix of one part rock, one part country, one part punk and one part blues all mashed together and baked to a crisp. A spoonful of heart and a pinch of love Den's rock'n country punk blues are served hot with a smile for all to enjoy.

Den Edie an aspiring fitness, body and underwear model standing 6' 1" tall at a lean 165lbs. was sent to take guitar lessons by his father at age 10. He started off with " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star " followed by " Red River Valley " " Oh Shenandoah " and his favorite song for 10 year old guitar students " Tom Dulley " straight out of the Mel Bay guitar song book. Eventually his father broke his guitar by throwing it a distance of 15 feet out the front door. It fell vertically 10 feet breaking into two pieces when it landed on the concrete sidewalk in front of there house as his father screamed " Stop twanging on the dam guitar!!". He also has an education in both music theory and classical voice.