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Vibhas Kendzia

Vibhas Kendzia

VIBHAS (Peter Alexander Kendzia) grew up in West Germany and studied piano and flute from the age of five. While receiving a degree in music education from “Johann Wolfgang Goethe University” Frankfurt, he had the privilege to study Flute with Rolf Bissinger, flutist for the Frankfurt Opera Orchestra, and Piano with Matitjahu Kellig, well known for his Mozart interpretations. Studies in Latin percussion and traditional instruments from many countries were all influential in his creation of original world music, melting genres from East to West.

After his music graduation Vibhas studied Music-Therapy in Cologne and Raststadt at the “Family Therapy Center Odenwald” Germany. He composed and recorded music for educational children shows and worked as sound editor for “Stein Video Production” and the Public TV Station “Hessen3” in Frankfurt Germany.

His work and personal curiosity brought him to India where he was introduced to meditation, and to the beautiful classical sounds of the Bansuri, or native bamboo flute. He met and studied with world famous flutist Pundit Hari Prasad Chaurasia.

In 1997 Vibhas visited Sedona, AZ where he met Prasado, who became his wife and singing partner. It was here that he first heard the haunting sounds of the Navajo flute. Playing these traditional native flutes around the Southwest for the last ten years has brought him much praise from the local Native American population, who are fascinated by his intimate feeling for this ancient instrument, and the longing he expresses through it.

Drawing on his background as a sound editor he founded his company “Music from the Garden,” Recording-Studio, Music Productions and Entertainment. He worked with international Artists like Kitaro, Brent Lewis, Rita Coolidge and Walela, Theresa Robertson (alias: Mercy Bermudez), Deuter, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Amaresh, Nadama. He recorded with international Therapists guided exercises and meditations with his original music. You can find his music in movies, on Yoga-DVD’s and on web-pages.

Vibhas strength is versatility. He plays his original piano solos with a classical touch, his fingers running over the keys like a soft cool breeze in summer. With the keyboard accompaniment, Vibhas is free to play haunting melodies on the Native American and East Indian Flutes, or smooth jazz arrangements with the soprano sax.

Discography 2001 - 2019:

Vibhas Kendzia - Instrumental CD’s and Meditation CD's:

2001 “Light On The Path” - INSTRUMENTAL - Native Flute Songs and Piano Solos.

2002 “Longing” - INSTRUMENTAL - Native East and West Indian Flutes over Latin Rhythms.

2004 “Flowers Of The Dawn”, Prasado (Voice) and Vibhas Kendzia (instruments) - Songs of love and beauty from the world of OHSO.

2012 "Viva Vibhas" - INSTRUMENTAL - Soprano Sax and Native Flute songs over Latin Rhythms, Piano Solos.

2016 "Chakra Sound Meditation" - MEDITATION - The compositions of the Chakra Sound Meditation have been recorded with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Percussion, Piano, Keyboard and Synthesizer and are fine-tuned to the specific energy bodies and chakras that they are created for.

2018 "Meditation with Sound Bowls" - MEDITATION - by Karen Simcik and Vibhas Kendzia. This CD with Tibetan sound bowls (Peter Hess) can help deepen your meditation, be useful as a sleep meditation and help you relax after a long day as you allow the sound and vibrations to move through your body releasing tension, renewing your feeling of well-being.

2019 "Echo from the other Shore" - INSTRUMENTAL - Original composition with the Native American Flute, solo or over Piano, Guitar and/or Latin Rhythms.

Other Meditation CD's with music by Vibhas Kendzia:

2003 “Chakra Suite Vol. 1,2,3” meditations by Komala Uta Rhode with Music by Vibhas Kendzia, JAPAN, USA.

2004 “Chakra Resonance Meditation" guided meditations by Komala Uta Rhode with Music by Vibhas, JAPAN USA.

2004 "Aura-Soma Color Meditations", Meditation based on Aura-soma color and oils, Etsuko Muto with Music by Vibhas Kendzia, JAPAN.

2006 "Rainbow Color Meditations", Meditation based on Aura-soma color and oils, Etsuko Muto with Music by Vibhas Kendzia, JAPAN.


Mediation CD's by Leela Lovegarden, Prasad David Wandres, Alvina Wandres, Music by Vibhas Kendzia. Guided meditations and hypnoses CD's in English, German, Italian and Japanese language:

2000 “Eyes Of Love”
2001 “Opening The Eyes”
2001 “Opening The Heart”
2002 “Pain Meditation”
2003 “Transforming”
2003 “Power Of Compassion”
2004 “The Alchemy of the Heart”
2004 “Returning To The Center”
2005 “Chakra Gibberish”
2005 “Mastery Of Emotions”
2013 “The Alchemy of the Heart”

Meditaions by Tarika Lovegarden with music by Vibhas Kendzia:

2015 "Cooking with Love"
2015 "Divine Eating Meditation"
2015 "Eating Healthily in Social Situations"
2015 "Satisfying Cravings in Healthy, Fulfilling Ways"
2015 "Smart Choices at the Grocery Store"
2015 "Stopping When Your Body's Had Enough"
2016 "Breaking Unhealthy Eating Habits Meditation"
2016 "Detoxing and Revitalizing Your Body Meditation"
2016 "Finding real Value in your Life Meditation"
2016 "Increase Your Body Intelligence Meditation"
2017 "Deepening Meditation"
2018 "Enjoy Deep Sleep Meditation" with piano music by Vibhas
2018 "Relaxing Your Mind for Sleep Meditation" with piano music by Vibhas
2018 "Releasing a Stressful Day for Sleep Meditation" with piano music by Vibhas
2018 "Transforming Anxiety Over Sleep Editing" with piano music by Vibhas

International – CD-Production for other Musicians and Therapists:

2007 “The Inner Dance” by Maneesha McClure - Dance Music, USA, ITALY.
2007 “Letting Go” by Krish and Amana, meditations, USA, GERMANY, ITALY.
2008 “Heartbeat” by Theresa Robertson - Jazz, USA.
2009 “Soul of Paris” by ZAZU, Steve Douglas, Gipsy Jazz Double CD, remixing and mastering, USA.
2010 “Out Side The Box” by Theresa & Band, Latin Jazz,
2010 “I’m not your Clown” by Roger Svensson, Ballads, USA, NORWAY.
2011 "Not Guilty" by Roger Svensson, Ballads, NORWAY.
2016 "Anurag & Desolation Angels" by Roger Svensson, Ballads, NORWAY
2017 "Dancing Heart Meditation" by Maneesha McClure with music by Vibhas and Deva Premal, USA, ITALY.
2017 "Harmony Tree of Life" by Lori Morrison with music by Vibhas Kendzia, USA and SPANISH language.