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When Canadian electronic-pop diva asked her father to bring her home a piano for her at age four, she never imagined that he would actually bring home a real piano. “I was hoping for one of those little Fisher Price toy pianos,” laughs Victoria. “He literally came home with an upright piano!”

Those early piano lessons, combined with the love & support of her music-loving Greek parents, put Vicki on the path towards her musical future where, before long, she had earned a degree with First Class Honours in Classical Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music—Toronto, Canada. With formal training in song structure & music theory, intensified by her natural musical ability, Vicki was soon prolifically writing her own songs—a fact that was noted early on by Vince DiGeorgio (Love Inc/BMG etc…) who had just started Power Records (the most recognized independent dance record label at the time). Signed to the label as a writer, “I was blown away….” Says DiGeorgio of those early demo tapes. At only 16 years of age, Vicki had landed her first publishing deal with Power.

As her profile & experience within the music industry deepened, Vicki developed a persistent urge to sing her own songs, rather than simply write for other artists. She sought out the best vocal coaches in the world, & totally committed herself to honing her skills as a vocalist. Once more, she gained credit as an operatic vocalist. As the months passed, she realized she needed to take her career into her own hands.

Vicki’s debut single released in December 1992. BE MINE had been out a mere five weeks & sky-rocketed to the top of Chicago’s & Miami’s dance charts, sitting comfortably at #2 week 1—NO bullet—JUST STRAIGHT TO THE TOP. The track was picked up for distribution in the US & Vicki returned to Canada; Media was quick to crown her
“Canada’s Queen of Freestyle”--the FIRST Canadian Freestyle artist, as per DJ Johnny Love’s 1994 Vol 1, Issue 1 Freestyle/Bass Express Magazine.

The recognition spiraled into a whirlwind of high profile performances in the US including a date at the FUN HOUSE in Palm Beach opening for Freestyle Legend CYNTHIA, REMY etc…
BE MINE sold out immediately, before even hitting the dance charts.

Here’s what was said about Vicki & her debut single BE MINE:

DJ TIMES—NEW YORK—Producers Massimo Rosati and Vicki present to us a freestyle house track with 5 mixes. Ms. Vicki’s vocal delivery is very sensual. I would pay particular attention to the DUB MIX and the MIAMI MIX which is real SUAVE *** 1/2

STREETSOUND MAGAZINE—NEW YORK—Dance House mixes on the first side. The B side contains the strong freestyle mixes of a Miami flavour with lots of bass and Vicki’s seductive vocals are a winning combination ****

THE RECORD MAGAZINE—TORONTO—Agincourt HI-NRG princess Vicki hit out this past winter with a Miami freestyle track BE MINE on her debut 12” for her own BASS PRODUCTIONS. Latest effort is a provocative ballad for early evening use titled ODE TO ECSTACY. Lady has pipes for days.

FREESTYLE/BASS EXPRESS MAGAZINE-vol 1, issue 1—TORONTO—Don`t Break My Heart—There are 6 mixes in total on this single. Three of them were produced by Vicki herself and the rest were produced by Atilla C. Uyanik, courtesy of Ventura International. The single possesses an excellent combination of Vicki`s lulling vocals, a C & C rhythm type flavor, and classic Freestyle keyboard sounds, which remind me of the keyboard solo found on Sassa`s `When the Time is Right`` *****

Further, Vicki won Billboard’s 6th Annual Song Contest, was nominated for a Juno award performing at the pre-Juno bash, received special recognition from ASCAP & was voted the
Hottest Female Freestyle Vocalist on Miami’s legendary Hot Traxx Awards.

The next year proved that her early successes had nothing to do with luck. She helped launch Ti Amo Records with her contact list & was their first female artist. They had her do a song that did not reflect her true vocal abilities CALLS OF LOVE (on the Ti Amo label); Dismayed with the production, she quickly made her exit to move on since she ensured herself a non-exclusive arrangement.
Next, she teamed up with a local musician Chris Phillips. Seeing that he had production talent, she worked with him on many tracks & featured him at her performances (including her opening for COLLAGE at Toronto’s Palladium. Seduced by a deal from Metropolitan & seeing that her recognition was no longer of service, this trusted relationship also had to come to an end.

No stopping. Vicki continued with countless releases on top indie compilation label Hot Productions & famed UK Seduction series as well as the release of the first Bass productions compilation written, arranged, produced, A & R’d by herself (on the Hot label). Through these years & compilations, she nurtured, wrote & produced for many singers that you still may hear of from Toronto. Yes, she was responsible for the start of many, many Freestyle singing careers.

Her second breakout single in 1994 DON’T BREAK MY HEART was immediately picked up by SPG Music & garnered her the attention of a Toronto record company exec who seduced her with the fact that she would be working with reknown producer Tolga Katis (Stevie B, Linear, etc…) & Frankie Boy (now famously known as Frankie J—Univeral Music). She quickly signed the dotted line to the Ventura label & flew to Miami to record with THE infamous Tolga himself. This was followed by writing, production & recording sessions with Frankie & his team.

To everyone’s surprise, the exec disappeared after the masters were delivered. The next thing she discovered was that her music was released on compilations without any credit or compensation. Songs recorded with Frankie were sadly lost except for one that she luckily retained.

Despite the betrayal, the work done with these two talented Mega Artists had easily put Vicki on another level….one that would be challenging to surpass as there are not too many Freestyle artists performing on todays’ stage that had the opportunity to record & release tracks written & produced by the Godfather of Freestyle…Mr. Tolga Katis.

After saturating the club scene & seeing that the Canadian stage was quickly filling up with everyone wanting to be a Freestyle singer;To retain quality of the music, Vicki decided to use her formal degrees in Music to focus on creating an empire through her chain of boutique music schools & recording studio. Thus, Victoria was born.

She became highly recognized & respected as a coach, examiner & adjudicator but also for her artist development, writing & production. Many of her very own students are now successful recording artists & performers. Some on the operatic stage while others on the Broadway stage. Her most successful student, artist & now dear friend Eleni Alexandris made it to the Top 4 in Simon Cowell’s X-Factor in Greece. Now signed by EMI & a celebrity in her own right.

After 4 years of building an empire, Victoria wanted to get her feet wet again in the recording studio. Actually, more accurately, it was Tolga, Frankie & other good friends in the industry that inspired & encouraged her.
Her first full length LP “Together Forever” was released in 2004 just to make her mark. It was a throng of infectious commercial dance-pop tracks polished by Toronto’s top mixers & producers. It also included two songs that were originally written by Tolga & one by Frankie.

The first single to hit CHR radio across Canada was a cover version of the Richard Marx hit
“Right Here Waiting.”

The demand for her vocal coaching, writing & production was so huge;That, although lucrative, it took
away the last 15 or so years of her life. In October 2013, her life took a turn with a permanent move to Miami. When djs, remixers, producers & fans discovered her whereabouts, immediately the buzz was in the air followed by overwhelming requests for a comeback. Seeing that the artists that were around when she first started out in Miami were still in high demand performing regularly along with the demand from her fans, Victoria decided to make the return.
“Finally,” fans say excitedly.

A carefully penned commercial club/dance-pop track was written for the comeback. “Don’t Go.” Although many commercial mixes were offered to Victoria, she selected to work closely with her friend & reknown producer Leonard Fisher of Hotmix Productions. Leonard worked diligently to create the commercial radio edits, a latin mix & an extended dj mix. He further added an authentic Freestyle beat to create a fifth mix on the single.

So, this being said, Victoria is thrilled to be back. The daily messages she receives from fans & offers from club owners & remixers alike have been overwhelming.

She thanks each & every one of you for being so dedicated to her & her music. The curtain rises……

East Coast: DJ Frank Perez (Spinmaster) 408.509.3064
West Coast: Luis Hernandez 786.519.9517

Originally written by Christina Fernandes (The Publicity Group)
Updated & Edited by Joseph Guell (Indigo Records)