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Wander Wildner

Mandatory entry of the virtual encyclopedia of rock since he was singer of the Replicants in the 80's, Wander Wildner debuted his solo career in 1996 with the infamous Blood Ballad album produced by the legendary Tom Capone.
Rocker punk folk capable of impressing cheap whiskey drinkers who hit their feet in bouncers from the interior of the country or alt-rock fans who swirl their modernity in the blasé parties of capitals.
Wander Wildner is a passionate and visceral guy who lives in conflict and what makes him a pop artist is the gift of turning his own conflicts into sounds and poignant direct verses. He makes music very easily and, above all, with a lot of heart. He is an irrational subject, and that is a compliment, for it is irrational at the time of making art. It is the type that exposes itself in everything it does, which is defined in each verse. Or, to make matters even easier, in each title. It can be said that he is a lonely boy, half-hippie-half-punk-half-rajneesh, whose life swings between angels & demons, but still believes in miracles. It is the type that follows the rhythm of life, and nothing can describe so accurately this rocker who likes to turn the conflicts into simple songs, made a legitimate punk.
Wander's shows are able to awaken the most visceral and simplistic of feelings, those who authorize to go out writing clichés, remember broken loves or memories of childhood, draw from a scarf to dry the tears. And feel good about it all. Wander presents in his show a repertoire that brings together the new songs and classics of his career.