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Derwood Andrews


Westworld began early in 1986 when Derwood Andrews, the former guitarist with punk band Generation X, found himself involved with a half-arsed band with no name and not much hope of a future, but within it was a pretty American girl, who was relegated to backing vocals and a good drummer and bass man, who called themselves 'The Purple Gang' after the Elvis song 'Jailhouse Rock'...'The whole rhythm section was a purple gang,let's rock'...
Derwood had been lost for a few years after the demise of his post Generation X band called Empire and was searching to create something simple-commercial-rock'n'roll and most importantly, fun.
Having been told directly by the other singer/guitarist in the nameless band, that 'Over my dead body am I gonna stand behind a girl on stage'...after Derwood had suggested the obvious waist of a pretty singer, Andrews had a moment of clarity, came up with the name Westworld, called Elizabeth Westwood (the pretty American) and called The Purple Gang and asked 'Are you in or out?'. All in the space of five minutes.
Elizabeth said yes, Nick Burton the drummer said yes, the bass player said no and the other singer/guitarist was basically fired. Brain-storming sessions took place immediately, drawings and logo's were made, hair was cut, clothes were made and bought, songs were written and demoed. The style and the sound they wanted came from Elizabeths like of early American rap, Nicks love of early rock'n'roll and Derwoods love of loud raw guitar.
Luckily Burton could play great rhythm guitar as well as drums, so the drums were taken over with a machine and the bass was a machine as well, and so a three piece it was.
Westworld decided to jump the 'let's do gigs and build an audience' stage and went straight into making their own record. 'Sonic Boom Boy' was made into a 12'' single with paint sprayed covers and left on record shop counters in piles of 5 or 10 all round London, for free. By the end of 1986 word was spreading about this brilliant record that was showing up, and all the towns record companies were coming round to sign the band. Westworld signed a big deal with RCA in December '86 and went in a proper studio to re-record 'Sonic Boom Boy', which was released in February 1987 and in the charts by the end of the month.

Most groups have the time to record an album, choose two or three singles and rehearse for a tour, before anything is released...just in case it 'blows up' then everything is in place. Unfortunately Westworld found themselves with a big hit single and nothing else ready to go, and so long months of catch up ensued. Promotion all over Europe, releasing the next single as soon as it was recorded and trying to figure out how to play live with sequences and samplers. By the end of 1987 an album 'Where The Action Is' was released and the band was on tour with four chart hits behind them. This game of catch up continued for years until RCA dropped the band not releasing the second album 'Beatbox Rock'n'Roll' anywhere but France and Scandinavia, but offering Elizabeth a solo record contract.
After regrouping and some hiring’s and firings Westwood and Andrews moved to the USA, the desert near Phoenix and signed to an independent label called Savage Records. Their third album 'Movers & Shakers' was released in 1991 by Savage/ MCA in the States only and then Savage went bust and that was the end of Westworld. From the start it was always about the music and having fun and time has shown that this spirit still exists in the recordings. Recently a couple of Greatest Hits albums have been released and now a Deluxe version of 'Movers & Shakers' with extra tracks from the time is being released. The track 'So Long Cowboy' appeared in the cult movie 'Point Break' and on the soundtrack CD.

Andrews and Westwood stayed in the desert for a few years and formed a new recording group called Moondogg in 1994, so far they've released three albums to critical acclaim.