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Will Spires

Raised on radio, Wp’s first remembrances of connecting with song was standin’ in the foot well of Mama’s Ontario Orange 1978 Monte Carlo, and if you ask him he’ll tell you, “the best music ever written came out of the 70’s.” Don’t fault him for that though, it’s an undeniably true statement, personally speaking! Everything from Elton John to James Taylor and Carole King, from Blood Sweat and Tears to Chicago, from America to the Bee Gees, to Jim Croce and Gordon Lightfoot, Will grew up in the greatest era of music cause’ it had soul.
“What a great time to be a kid!” But seriously, those memories singing in the car with Mom became the groundbreaking tools God used to sow what would one day become a perennial field ripe for musical harvest. “You know, I have to bring it back to that point because it’s really remained that constant candle burning in the window of my mind.” Today Will and his wife Debora continue to live in Little Mountain South Carolina near their two sons and grandchildren. “I’m at a place in my life that music will always be an integral part of who I am—but it’s important to recognize that I worship The Giver of the gift, not the gift itself. And really that’s part of what’s wrong with the music scene today, personally speaking. Music is a reflection of the character of God, cause’ He created it right? You know, if you go back to The Creation account in The Bible and study the verses in the original language of Hebrew, you’ll find a case for God actually “singing” all of creation into existence. Which makes sense right? All through the Psalms and even Paul’s letters we read about all creation singing and making a joyful noise unto The LORD. Paul said we should make the most of our time “speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord” - (Ephesians 5:19)—it only makes sense that He would fill us with song by singing us into existence.
Torah is life! Psalm 119 verse 107 King David said, “I am exceedingly afflicted; Revive me, O LORD, according to Your word.” Make no mistake, we are in a war. Each day is faced with battles, and some are out in plain sight, while others are so subtle we may be taken unaware—be in bondage and not even know it. God’s instructions for living revive us when we meditate upon them and put them into practice. If we trace music to its origin we find that all music is created for the purpose of giving glory to our Creator “Let them praise the name of the LORD, For He commanded and they were created” (Psalms 148:5). “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” (Psalms 150:6). Music, suited to its original purpose, like every other created thing by His design, is meant to draw people to Him. An immutable law of creation is that people do not come to God on their own. We just won’t—that’s the rebellion in our hearts inherited from Adam. God knew exactly what had happened that fateful day in The Garden of Eden, and yet He came like friend, asking Adam aloud, “Where are you?” That’s why Jesus/Yeshua said in John 12:32, "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself."
“Using music to connect people to God is my purpose, and it’s why I sing with passion; because people need God. And until they recognize that they have a need they will remain blind to it. But once a person recognizes they have a real need, they’ll do whatever it takes to get that need met.” “One of the things I’ve learned also is that not all songs were written for others. The stuff I write, first—it’s for me. That may sound selfish, but understand in all my songs there’s a lesson. Often times The Father will give me a song and use it to speak into my own life about an area I need to examine more closely and to become more accountable; or it may simply be an overflowing of His Spirit crying out within me to reconnect with Him powerfully. So, when you hear a song I’m playing live or that I’ve recorded, just know that God is dealing with me. The beauty is we’re not so different, you and I. So the songs you hear may strike a chord and resonate deep within you depending on where you are in your journey. Either way, the mission is accomplished, God is drawing all men unto Himself, and that’s what it’s always been about—God reaching out to man, and man reaching back to God for covenantal relationship. Shalom.”