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Wind Weaver

A serendipitous opportunity to jam together resulted in an incredible synergy unfolding between the two unique writing and playing styles of both artists. Terry also sells Native American Flutes and met Paul in a local mall while displaying and playing the flutes. Their sound hooked him and that is how it all began.

This recent collaboration and musical experimentation between Terry and Paul has blossomed into the newly established duo "Wind Weaver". Audiences are surprised, delighted and captivated by the mesmerizing sounds and rhythms that intertwine as the flute weaves its song with the guitar.

Terry's music honors the traditional style of the Native American Flute beautifully, however her music also pushes beyond, delving into a wide range of genres including folk, celtic, medieval and jazz. Terry has been inspired by Mary Youngblood, Mark Holland and Autumn's Child, Scott August and R. Carlos Nakai. Terry travels to Native American Flute Festivals throughout North America and has performed at the Zion Canyon Art and Flute Festival, in Springdale, Utah and Flute Quest in the Seattle area.

Paul is a seasoned songwriter who throughout his career has written for television and other audio visual productions. He has released two solo CD's. Paul's guitar style and lyrics are heavily influenced by Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn. With these and other talented artists as inspiration Paul has crafted a very personal style of his own.

Wind Weaver performs at events on Vancouver Island including the Maple Sugar Festival, Vancouver Island Exhibition, Coaltown Festival and the Coombs Fair.

REVIEW BY CLINT GOSS, performing artist

Half way through the first track, I actually hit EJECT on my CD player. Was this really the correct disc? Was it really Terry Mack's first "this is my music" CD??

Yes, the awesome music coming off this "Wild Threads" CD was from Terry Mack and Paul Bezooyen, two really accomplished and in-synch musicians from British Columbia. The first tracks were so musical and enjoyable, I had to stop the CD (again) for my acid test ...Vera. Now my wife's musical tastes were born out of a steady diet of rock and top 40's music. So it's a rare Native Flute or New Agealbum that lites her fire. Half way through each of the first three tracks, I got exactly the same reaction from her ... "WOW".

And just when you think you've got the CD pegged ... you hit track 4. The enigmatic name "Fluid Ooze" doesn't really prepare you forthe Drum Jam and and NAF that completely changes the feel of the album.

Paul Bezooyen is a guitarist who *GETS* the Native Flute. He sets up the these gorgeous ostinato repeating patterns and great riffs, but the feel never gets far from that evening around-the-campfire atmosphere.

Terry is completely fearless when it comes to many things ... changing tempos and feelings, at just the point where you might wander. She is also not afraid of silence ... dropping the flute away to let the guitar come forth.

Influences abound, as they should. Mary Young and Mark Holland l and Gary Stroutsos and Jeff Ball have all been infused into this music as well as Celtic and African cross-cultural influences.

If this is was these two can do for a first time out with a modest production, I *really* want to hear what happens next!

- Clint Goss