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Windtalker (Randy Alan Motz)

This instrumental music is a majestic blend of the graceful and haunting sounds of Native American flute, piano, violin, orchestra and rock and Native instrumentation.

Since his teens, Randy Alan Motz, a.k.a. "Windtalker," has been involved in music, as a performer, live sound engineer, producer and recording engineer. During the 1990’s, two momentous events forever changed the course of his musical career; taking him down a path of musical discovery and creativity.

His songwriting genesis began after attending two separate and distinctly different concerts. The first was a Yanni concert, where the powerful blending of a full orchestra, rock instrumentation and a multitude of ethnic stylings captured his creative imagination. The second was a concert by Robert Mirabal. He was so mesmerized by the inter-weaving of Native American instruments with rock drums, electric guitar, bass and the lush sounds of an effects-laden cello, the die was now cast. His goal was to produce soothing and inspirational music that would blend these influences and present a sonically lush orchestral environment for peaceful meditation and reflection with Native American instruments as the focal point. With this goal in mind, he purchased several flutes and, as he had done in the past with all his other instruments, taught himself to play. He then began writing, arranging and recording music that followed this newly discovered musical direction.

Using his skills on various instruments, and with help from friends in the music industry, "Windtalker" composes, arranges and performs songs that transform the listener’s spirit, touches the soul and relaxes the mind. These compositions are what he fondly calls “soundtracks for life.” With each piece, you will find acoustic elements that will evoke a myriad of emotions; emotions that can easily be associated with those life events that forever stay within your soul; be they happy or sad, beautiful or, perhaps, unpleasant. As well, the acoustic canvas that these songs are painted on also capture the essence of Native American cultures and the sacred landscapes that Native Americans call home, creating the solitude and inspiration necessary to reflect upon the awesome power of The Great Spirit and the wonder of his creation.


“Native SoundScapes is a soothing, meditative, and creative journey into “Windtalker’s” love for and experiences on the Appalachian Trail. The beautiful arrangements and sensitive playing lead the listener down a pathway blending the wonder of nature and the power of the spirit. It is a successful invitation to relax in the midst of a diversity of sounds full of history, adventure, and meaning.” Marty McCall – Grammy Award-Winning Artist

"If great art is transportation to new emotions, new places and new thoughts, “Windtalker’s” Native SoundScapes is a virtual tour bus through the undisturbed beauty of America…. memorable melodies and careful explanations of scenes and settings all without saying a word. “Windtalker’s” years of production experience are apparent in the quality of this recording. Native SoundScapes is a breath of fresh pine air!" Clint Clifton – God-Song Worship Resources

“Native SoundScapes is an inspiring and motivational CD….song titles entice you to give it a listen, and once you do, you don’t want to leave it….the more that you listen, the more you hear….many different instrument combinations and each one represents a mood, a feeling and an expression. The variety and the quality of performance speak clearly in each track and the sounds of native flutes, combined with other instruments, is truly unique and beautiful….I was truly amazed by the beauty of the music and I simply wanted to listen to every note of it.” Linda Kazmarek – Linda Kazmarek Ministries

“Canyon Whispers is truly a joy to hear…feel like you are gliding through the Grand Canyon while listening…makes you feel refreshed, like you have just returned from an outdoor adventure…expertly crafted and professionally produced…hard to believe that this is Randy’s second album…felt like I was listening to an “old soul” on the flute. If you enjoy the Native American flute, then you owe it to yourself to listen to Canyon Whispers. It is in rotation on our station.” Patrick Doyle - Founder,

“Canyon Whispers contains a wide range of expressiveness…outstanding!...relaxing and musically diverse…musical impressions fit the image of the land of the Ancient Ones…Cliff Palace Serenade and the wistful freedom of Eagle's Flight draw the listener in. You have only to close your eyes and be transported you to a place where the wind-blown whispers of an ancient and proud people still echo in every canyon.”
Clint Goss – Manifest Spirit Records

"…a true master of the Native American flute…Canyon Whispers contains great depth and richness of emotion…a soaring, ethereal quality… transports the listener to the canyon landscapes after which many of them are named…music makes me happy, relaxed and content…I recommend this majestic Native American flute music…" Frank “Ravenwolf” Henninger