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Wynlyn Jazz Ensemble

The Wynlyn Jazz Ensemble, a leaderless group of four singers and six musicians, started in the 1990's as a twice yearly "open mic" jazz party in Dorothy’s and my living-room. For ten of us it evolved into a regular Saturday morning jam of quartets and quintets. We range in age from mid-50's to late 80's, old pros and amateurs who have become friends. We have in common a love for the great American songbook—classic standards written between 1925 and 1955, with some blues, Bossa Nova, and latter-day show tunes and soft rock. We learn new styles from one another and don’t know what we will play until we meet.

To make Good Company, our first studio CD, we spent two weekends at Range Records wearing headphones and playing tunes we love. In the living-room we jam, repeating choruses for 10 or 12 minutes while everybody gets a solo. Each cut on this CD tells a story in three or four minutes. Here we showcase the singers, the lyrics, and the feelings surfaced by great old songs. Chances are you have lived more than one of them.

When I asked Aaron Levinson, our Grammy-winning producer, why anyone will want to hear us, he gave me a surprising answer. “It’s because there’s not much around like what you do--old standards, jazz, cabaret, variety, many different voices.” Aaron picked the tunes from a long list that we gave him, skipping ones everybody knows to include some you may not have heard unless you grew up in the 1940’s. He also arranged the sequence, stories of love longed for, lost and found. In this on-line album, we have put in the 16 tunes we recorded last year. To our delight, our covers have found an audience ranging from our teenage children and grandchildren to retired peers, friends who attend our jazz parties, and strangers at the gym and the barber shop. We hope you’ll find some of your life story here too.

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