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Yinong Chong

Yinong Chong is co-author and narrator of the guided meditation CD Touched by the Tao: Classical Chinese Meditation for Health and Healing, and an author of the book and DVD set: Dancing in the Tao: Connecting to Universal Energy to Transform Your Health and Life. She has over 10 years of professional experience in public health research, and is also a certified Qigong instructor. Dr. Chong teaches Qigong forms and concepts within a traditional Chinese cultural context that is relevant for today’s world. Her health science research expertise enables her to bridge the ancient teachings and modern science. Born and raised in China, her rare proficiency in Classical Chinese and ability to “speak English like a native” make her one of the top interpreters of Chinese esoteric studies and philosophy in the US or China. She has trained with several prominent TCM doctors and Taoist teachers from China. She has translated for or chaired Qigong sessions at the Whole Person Healing conference, SUNY’s Healing Arts Seminar at Stony Brook, and the University of Arizona’s Integrative Medicine Seminar. Dr. Chong earned her PhD in Sociology from the Arizona State University, her MA in Journalism from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and her BS in English Literature from Beijing University.