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NEW YORK, NY…As boice watched the 2012 Summer Olympics his years-long music block shattered when he realized that the winners were “living in dreams,” as he puts it. This phrase became the wellspring for his new indie album, Get Me Audio, Vol 1. Despite all his ideas and intentions up to that point, it took a single moment of effortless inspiration to launch boice into “not only having dreams, but having the courage to pursue them.” A melody followed the phrase, a chorus followed the melody, and – as if it wrote itself – a song called “Living in Dreams” resulted. Though the album’s title was lifted from a line in a Joan Didion spy novel, it also was what boice's heart demanded at the moment of inception: “Get me audio.”

That’s easier to demand than do, of course. Albums require music, and music usually requires instruments, musicians – and money. boice didn’t hire a backing band and weeks of studio time, however. He went to his favorite coffeehouse and started producing songs on his iPad instead. “The goal was never to create a complete song on the iPad,” boice stresses. “I treated it like a new instrument that could make music anywhere before transferring it to a professional studio.” Apps he used include GarageBand, Soundprism PRO and Gestrument. Scratch vocals served as placeholders for studio processing done by his producer, Ben Rice. Then the keyboardist, David Sherman, retexturized the songs. After boice recorded his vocals in the studio, the album was mixed, engineered and mastered. The breakdown: 85 percent iPad and 15 percent keyboard.

Democratizing technology has become popular with established greats inside and outside music, such as Britain’s Gorillaz, who recorded their fourth album, The Fall, on two iPads, and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who went digital with Once Upon a Time in Mexico and has been an apologist for non-film production since. However, unlike those two pop-culture giants, boice used technology as a slingshot to achieve a victory with financial odds stacked against him. His lyrics sum it up: “Here is my story:/I'm jumping without a net, just nerve/And I'm not Goliath.”

Get Me Audio, Vol. 1 reflects boice's personal renaissance with themes of overcoming distress and finding salvation. Keyboard- and beat-rich, and marked by the boice-voice (a hybrid of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan and King’s X’s Doug Pinnick), the album is the first volume in a planned trilogy, and, like an Olympic athlete, boice plans to live in his dreams by any creative means necessary – without the fetters of a corporate studio. “The only real judge is the consumer,” he says. “And I believe music lovers care less about the origin than if they enjoy an artist.”

In Fall 2013, boice will be one of the featured artists on the New Myspace.

boice is a Pittsburgh native who now lives in NYC’s East Village. His musical exploration began with an LP called How to Be an Adult in 2010. Recorded in Brooklyn, Adult is a stunning collection of sixteen pop songs written and sung by boice. When we say pop, we mean in the classic sense of the word: highly melodic, infectious rhythms and clever lyrics. boice loves early Elvis Costello, the Beatles and solo Morrissey. The breadth, diversity and polish of his songwriting shines in the folk-story “Pauper’s Grave,” the easy soul of “Half-Brother” and the insanely catchy power pop of “Itchy Boys”—Adult’s first single. Adult resembles some sort of one-man jukebox while simultaneously retaining its cohesiveness.

As a writer, boice-Terrel Allen is the author of the doublebook Screwball Comedy/Stories Going Steady, a novel-in-stories and short story collection under one cover. He is also the author of two novels, Janet Hurst and The Daughters of a Mother and the editor of Coloring Book: An Eclectic Anthology of Fiction & Poetry by Multicultural Writers, which was praised by Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked. He holds degrees from both the University of Pittsburgh and New York University's Graduate School of Journalism. Allen has been the recipient of grants and scholarships from the Multicultural Arts Initiative, the Pittsburgh Foundation and the Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation. He's also turned his eye to fashion by designing a collection of graphic tees. In 2005, Allen exhibited his first art installation, based on Screwball Comedy/Stories Going Steady, at the Mattress Factory museum in Pittsburgh.