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junivers stockholm

junivers was born in the early 50s. His influences started with classical music,
but over the years all things he ever heard had some kind of impact.
Sometimes he loved it and sometimes he didnt.
junivers loved music from the very start of his life.
Before he learned how to stand up and walk Louis Armstrong stole his heart.
Then Elvis Presley stole it and then he let The Beatles steal it.
He then realised that he could open his heart for all the music he loved. :)

His life has been a journey in which he saw many music styles being born.
The musical revolution and fusion between music styles is the thing that had the greatest impact on him.
The ultimate king of collaboration, Miles Davis, finally brought together not only the music styles but also
the body, mind and soul of all cultures. All the music that came out of the body, mind and soul experiments
and the fusions from the late sixties Miles had an extension in the music that is the great love of junivers.
The new born music from this time finally brought some of the greatest jazz musicians into the rock and pop music.
Its hard to pick out some names but Jaco Pastorious and Weather Report would be the choice if only a few could be mentioned.
The music of junivers is his personal style. All the influences he ever had is there, expressed though his body, mind and soul.