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the skywire project

People always want to know what the band name means... Well, think of an electrical wire. It's not the source of the electricity - that would be the generator. It's not what ultimately uses the electricity - that would be whatever is plugged into the outlet. The wire is the means of delivering the electricity, the power, from the generator to the device that needs the power to run.

That's what this band is about on a spiritual level. We're not the source of love and hope, that's God. We want to be one of the means by which He delivers that hope and love, that power, from where He is (the above) to the hearts down here (the below) that need to plug into Him for true life. And just like an electrical wire is energized as the electricity flows from one end to the other, we are energized as the Spirit works through us to reach down and draw people to Him.

We're a project because we will never be a finished product. We will always be growing in our musicianship, in our faith, in our ministry - we're a permanent work in progress.

We are the skywire project.