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Frayser Click Records

D.J. Sound Productions

D.J. Sound Productions & Da Clique Presents: The Volume 9

D.J. Sound Productions & The Frayserclick

D.J. Sound Productions: The Frayserclick

D.J. Sound Productions:: Tha Frayserclick Presents The Volume 8

D.j.Livewire & the ButcherSquad Vol.6

D.j.Sound and the Frayserclick

D.j.Sound and the Frayserclick Presents Vol 7

D.J.Sound presents Player1 & Bloodybones



D.j.Sounds Presents the Remastered Dirty Red and Bay

D.j.Sounds Presents the Remastered Greatest Hits

D.j.Sounds Presents the Remastered Lil Yo Album

D.j.Sounds Presents the Remastered Livewire Butcher Squad Mix

D.j.Sounds Remastered Bonus Track Money and Gold

D.j.Sounds Remastered Bonus Track Nigga Creep Album

D.j.Sounds Remastered Bonus Track of Lv & Rob

D.j.Sounds Remastered Bonus Track Player1 & Bones

D.j.Sounds Remastered Bonus Track Vol 11

D.j.Sounds Remastered Vol 1

D.j.Sounds Remastered Vol 2

D.j.Sounds Remastered Vol 3

D.j.Sounds Remastered Vol 4

D.j.Sounds Remastered Vol 5

D.j.Sounds Remastered Vol 6

D.j.Sounds Remastered Vol 8

Dirty Red & Lil Bay

Dirty Red, Lil Bay & The Frayserclick: D.j. Sound Productions

Dirty Red, Lil Bay, And Tha Frayserclick::d.j.soundproductions"de

DJ Sound Productions presents Frayserclick

Gangsta Gold MC Money& Tha Frayser Click,d.j.sound Productions::

Jermaine McDonald a.k.a Tazz

Lil Maniyak

Lil Maniyak "Mind of Maniyak"

Lil Maniyak Presents

Lil Maniyak Presents Mac Rod

Lil Maniyak the Ghg and Slv Presents

Lil Yo, G.B. & The Frayserclick::D.J. Sound Productions

Litegreen Records Presents Clarence Blair

Litegreen Records Presents G.b.

Litegreen Records Presents Lil Rowdy a.k.a Gangsta Flave

Litegreen Records Presents Mac Rod

Litegreen Records Presents Peaches

Litegreen Records Presents Player 1s Soundtrack

LV, Lil Rob & the Frayserclick:d.j.sound productions

P1, Killabones, D.J. Sound Productions::& Tha Frayserclick

Playa 1 Playa 2 & Tha Frayser Click


Player 1

Player One, Bloody Bones & Tha Frayserclick::D.J. Sound Productions

Tha Luciano Crime Family

The Frayserclick Presents

Various Artists