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Apollo 8 and 11 Astronauts

Denny Correll

Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Dr. J. Vernon McGee, B.D., Th.m., Th.d.

Good News Circle

Good News Circle, Paul Clark, Moment of Truth, Phil Keaggy, One Truth, Keith Green & More

Good News-Bob Carlisle, Keith Green, David Diggs, Bill Batstone

Hallelujah Joy Band

J. Vernon McGee


Kentucky Faith

Larry Norman, Agape, Moment of Truth, Hallelujah Joy Band, Harvest Flight, Andre Crouch, O

Larry Norman, One Truth, Randy Stonehill, Love Song, Resurrection Band, etc.

Mark Banning

Moment of Truth- Steve Israel, Grechen Naugle, Logos, Al Mossburg & Tricia Lynn

Newbury Park

Omartian, Pratt & Mcclain

One Truth

Randy Stonehill, Love Song, Hallelujah Joy Band, Larry Norman, Good News Circle, etc.

Roger Williams

Ron Moore

Various Artists