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Bobby Rue

“What is that Bobby?” I asked “It sounds familiar.” “That’s a song I wrote in the early 70s, “I decided to stick this intro on it, what do you think?”
Of all the questions in music that’s the most loaded by far. Luckily the intro and the following words and music were really good. I was in a outlaw country rock band with Bobby and I just thought of him as a good bass player and singer but here was an excellent original song completely finished on a six string and there were lots of others as well. My house and recording studio happens to be right down the road from Bobby’s house and it was only a couple of days later that we started to collaborate on what would soon become this, the first Bobby Rue album.
The initial process was simple, Bobby played his songs and I thought of things to do to them. This was out of my producer instincts and old habits but some of these songs just wanted to be as is, more or less. My background in recording and guitar has mostly been in blues tinged-progressive rock music but here was a whole new challenge, clean chords and plaintive lyrics that didn’t need too much to work, maybe some mandolin or pedal steel right here, or some blues harp in this part, or a little crunchy rock guitar in the mix might be nice. Bobby happened to have some phone numbers and in a few more days we had Jerry Steele on steel guitar and mandolin, and Guy DeRosa on harmonica and the songs were suddenly sounding very real. Bobby was deep into studying a book of guitar chords and he had found some I never heard before. I had to work to find the right guitar tones and notes to wrap around some of them but when it clicked the whole thing came together.
During the mix we kept the original acoustic tracks and the vocals up front and every thing else supporting but not distracting from the soul of the songs. Although we all hate labels I think we made an innovative country/rock album with some electric blues for good measure. As you listen to these songs it should be easy to hear the stories and feelings that live inside.

Mike Brody