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Lunde Station

The Fort Collins Colorado-based Folk Rock/Americana band Lunde Station is the brainchild of Singer-Songwriter Erik Lunde, who was born and raised in Mapleton, Wisconsin, a nowhere town of about 150 people and 2,000 cows. His parents were Norwegian Hippie Lutherans gone Southern Baptist, subsequently his earliest exposure to music was old protestant hymns, spirituals, bluegrass, gospel, Pete Seeger, and the Simon and Garfunkel, and Bob Dylan and, oddly enough, Elton John records his parents hid in the closet.

As a kid he loved both the Beatles and the Stones and refused to choose which was better. His greatest musical memory as a child was listening to Queen's "We Will Rock You" on a little green transistor radio as he hid in the bathroom in the dark to hide from the wrath of the Lord and his devout relatives.

He ran West to California a week after his high school graduation and somewhere later in the Arizona desert he came under the influence of Jim Morrison, Carlos Castaneda, Walt Whitman, and Jack Kerouac. This made him want to pursue the lucrative life of a couch-surfing beat poet guitar slinging songwriter rather than use the English Lit degree he got in Arizona for something, uh, sensible.

It’s always been a tug of war between his inner Jesus Christ, and his inner Jim Morrison. On any given night, one of the two may win.

Hs college buddy exposed him to Hank Williams. The first one. The great one. Lunde did not always like Country music. Hank changed all of that for good. Now he loves good old traditional country. Which is to say, not Taylor Swift; not Keith Urban.

Sometimes when he is singing he thinks he is an old black woman, but the sound never comes out that way because he is a bona-fide honky. He currently lives and plays in Fort Collins Colorado and is the leader and front man for Fort Collins Roots Rock Americana act Lunde Station.

When he was young kid in a station wagon during the late sixties and seventies, and musically impressionable, he got to hear all the greatest music ever made: right there on the great car radio stations of the era. And because back then you might hear a Joan Baez song, then a Stones song, then an Aretha Franklin song, and then a Buck Owens song, on the same station, (since corporations back then hadn’t yet figured out how to carve demographics into little market segments), he really can’t stay stuck in a single genre to save his very life. Hence his band name: Lunde Station. It’s a metaphor for the kind of great old radio station that always broadcast a wide range of interesting musical sounds, and was unbound by narrow little genre jails.