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LynZ aka Lindsay Wells

LynZ aka Lindsay Wells...a natural. It’s a term often overused in any context. For vocalist Lindsay “LynZ” Wells, it is truly an understatement. A powerful singer, LynZ is a soulful artist with an invitingly warm, energetic and comfortable stage presence that works perfectly with audiences of all types. In an increasingly overcrowded pop culture, this is a young woman not only extremely talented but clearly destined for the big stage.
A native of Austin, Texas, LynZ has been singing and performing most of her life. At the age of three, she began singing at her family church. Through her school years she sang at countless functions, contests, sporting events, dance halls and clubs all over Texas. “Performing is my favorite,” she exclaims.
After high school, LynZ graduated from the liberal arts school Belmont University in Nashville and took vocal lessons from professional vocal coach Kim Wood Sandusky (whose resume includes Beyonce'). LynZ took advantage of her time in Music City USA—she worked briefly at both Toby Keith and Wynonna Judd’s management companies, harvested working relationships with many seasoned Nashville musicians and songwriters. She began singing demos and performing at showcases, including the legendary Nashville venue, the Bluebird Cafe. She made great use of her experiences in Nashville and her songwriting reflects that with love and personal integrity being the dominant topics. “I think relationships in general are one of the most difficult parts of life,” LynZ says. “It’s no wonder there’s so many songs about them, because out of tribulation, out of trials, out of a broken state—that’s where you’re going to get the most emotion and the most inspiration. One of the things Wynonna told me was, “Just remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination. And I think where we learn the most is in the journey.”
One taste of her live show and it is obvious that LynZ was born to perform. Not only does she have a God-given beautiful and strong voice, she has also cultivated a significant talent for songwriting. Add to that her effortless inclination for performing in the spotlight and you quite literally have a triple threat.
Playing with her band, LynZ’s journey is all about the thrill of music. “After shows,” she says, “When I get home, I can’t wind down for a while because it gives me energy. Music—that’s why it’s such a powerful thing and that’s why we do it. It gives life, it gives energy.”
LynZ's first EP, the country-pop, “One And Only Me” was produced and co-written by Pat Green keyboard sideman, Clay Corn. She then began working with consultant, Ray Steward to create the "Rock & Soul” music she has been dreaming about for years. They enlisted local guitarist, Dave Musick to help rearrange and rewrite several of her songs. LynZ then performed with an 8-piece band around Austin to develop her new sound. She soon decided it was time to capture the sound she was hearing in her head. LynZ released a 6-song EP titled “Dream With Me”. She co-produced this recording with Kris Keyz and Ray Steward. "I've reworked my songs mixing my country roots with pop, soul, funk, hip-hop, gospel, rock and blues," she says. Recently, LynZ recorded 6 new songs co-produced with the legendary Austin keyboardist, Phil Redmond and Ray Steward. This time she is mixing in a bit of EDM, Texas style.
Lynz recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA to begin her journey to the next level. She is releasing 5 new pop songs co-written and produced with Katrina Stone and will be performing around Los Angeles in the near future.
“I love writing,” she says. “It’s an outlet, a way to express and get everything out. It’s an emotional process and if you can put that into a song, you can have something meaningful that people can relate to. Let’s admit it, we’re all a little broken at times and I feel like people can relate to what I’m singing about.”
And though LynZ is an energetic, young artist with talent to spare, she has wisdom and a strength of values that follow her wherever she makes music. And that combination is sure to lead Lindsay Wells aka LynZ on a thrilling musical journey. After all, it’s only natural.
By Roger Len Smith and Ray Steward