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Nico Brina


Perhaps, some might say it is strange to define yourself as a Boogie-Woogie-pianist already as a young boy, but that is what Nico did when he was knee-high boy. Of course, he needed courage, an extraordinary talent and a certain kind of smartness. When Nico was 8 years old, he found his neighbor's piano and he suddenly fell in love with its magical tone. Furthermore, Nico discovered Elvis, and in addition he found his fascination for Rock'n'Roll-music. Intuitively he immersed into the world of lightning fast Boogie-Woogie-rhythms, breathtaking bass lines and shining melodies.
He played with his hands and even with his feet. However, in the beginning of his career, Nico needed to be smart; as a kid, he pretended to be sick so that he could stay at home and rehearse instead. As a young musician, after his concerts he played chess against the owners of the clubs to double his salary. It was all or nothing.
Later, not even angry neighbors could stop Nico Brina's career. Once, a neighbor threw a chair into Nico's window because he had enough of Nico's everlasting rehearsals. All that the police then said, was: 'Don't mess around with a pianoman'. Nico took this quote and wrote a song about this incident.
After some time, Nico added the Blues to his repertoire, and this was like the missing link to finally define his own unique sound. He travelled around and he played his Boogie-Woogie-driven Blues music almost anywhere in the world. He played in Europe, in Dubai, in the Caribbean, in Kazakhstan – and he even won several awards such as the „Prix Walo“ (1995), the „Guinness Book of World Records“ title for the fastest Boogie-Woogie ever (1996) and he got a nomination from the „Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik“ for his album „Flight 6024“ (Category Blues 2014).

It has been 35 years since the journey started. More than 3'000 shows in 19 different countries, more than 1'000'000 km on the road, 15 albums, one LP, one DVD. It is about time to look back, but without nostalgia. Boogie-Woogie and Blues are always now, however, a jubilee like this must be celebrated. Therefore, there is a new album coming out "That's My Way (30 years - the jubilee sessions)" by StoMo-Records. Thrilling recordings from 4 different live- and studio-sessions are on the record; a total of 14 tracks and 3 additional bonus-songs. With this new record, Nico would like to say thank you to all his supporters, but also to his long-term musicians and friends, drummers Tobias Schramm and Charlie Weibel, and guitarist Pete Borel.

Nico still feels happiness when he plays his piano – just like a child playing its first note. There is magic, when he combines his talent, his power and his musical wit. It is this mixture that makes the entertainer become an artist. Brina is a wizard, maybe a fool, but he shows us where passion can lead us. His BBB-combination - Boogie & Blues & Brina – is like a drug, but without any side effects. The package leaflet is now at its end. From now on you just have to put the record into your player and let the music do the talk. Enjoy, all the rest can wait.