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Rock: 90's Rock Moods: Solo Female Artist Metal/Punk: Hair Metal

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United States - Missouri

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Paige Stormblade

Now a Solo Artist, Paige Stormblade is From Hagerstown, MD Born 1968 November 1, where known Major Label Artist, KIX is from. Paige used to be apart of a family related band whom would play picnics and parks and sometimes big events in her hometown, she grew up working to be who she is now today.

“I ended up in Missouri in 1979 because of my parents splitting apart.
I began my music activities more so during my high school days of 1980’s.
In November 2013, I began to use 3d Virtual Metaverse Worlds, and became a liked band, after streaming my old day performances on audio with a song redone recently about the time “Time To Go”. A few of us put a 3d show in place and began to perform online at 3d communities such as 3rdrock and”

Paige is German and British by birth and Blood relation to the Landeckers of England and a few other related European countries, her Fathers name before he passed is Curt Landecker. Paige was adopted as a Ralston at birth in USA and grew up in Hagerstown MD. She is educated in pc’s, from system administrations, network administration, web design, to audio productions apart from all her musical talents in recording and singing “I’m not a grammar goddess that’s for sure”

“I’ve had my time with a few of my hometown band Kix on myspace chat, around 2003 when I was doing promotions and DJ services. I later become a band manager for a few bands based out of UK and USA Locally early 2000.”

History: I Began to do my tracks on a stream of the bands I used to be a part of in 90-to early 93. I had moved to Branson MO after I left Kansas City, then hooked up with a band in Branson and we went to town working on the new styles of the bands I was in connection with.

I have been performing as a secondary artist with Brass Kitten and Mad Atchu, due to my relationship with the bands in all. As Vortex Originally I had reformed Vortex one last time in Branson, Mo as Lead Vox. and led on to perform for many years later still some today. My last live performances started back up 2005 and ended about 2008, with the same group I had been within 1993 from Branson, Mo.
Later I began to update tracks due to no band to team with, I did the Karaoke channel 2009 for a new version of my vocals with sting ray music’s band backtracks, it was more real with the backtracks.
” We sure can change sound as we get older Damn.”