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Skullraiser™ is not your average producer!
Though a primarily Horror Based instrumentalist, Skullraiser also set out to combine his love for hard-hitting rock and punchy EDM vibes in order to come up with a unique sonic formula.

Skullraiser’s music is often characterized by intricate beats, inspired by techno, trance and classic electronic vibes. However, instead of relying mainly on synths, Skullraiser loves to use guitar tones to spice things up and add some grit to the mix. Skullraiser produces a lot of horror tracks, which are actually unofficial extensions of some of they're favorite horror tracks. This isn’t just a fun thing to do for the artist, but it’s also amazing for horror fans, who’ll get the chance to check out some of their favorite tunes under a different light!
Raising the dead with great music? For Skullraiser, this might just be the next step!

Music Review Quotes

"Creepshow Apparition and The Hill People capture the true Horror spirit with the eerie undertones and stacked instrumentation establishing a harmony over the pulsating bass."

"The production of Pieces from the Shadow Dimension: The Horror Movie Inspired Music and Rock Collection are well-executed as each frequency is mixed to establish separation while blended to fill the listening space with clarity and fullness. The synths are recorded distortion-free, allowing playback at high volumes to remain distortion-free."

"Each piece captures the essence of the movies and games it is meant to pay tribute to. However, in this reviewer’s opinion, these tracks would be best suited for licensing to major film studios as a demonstration of the creative talents of Skullraiser."


"Download the EP, and listen to it on a late night drive or a spooky night. Skullraiser is the king of Horror Music!"

"The feel presented is quite unique in its own sense and forces the audience to think, and be on edge."

"A strong and independent track that tells a story, quite similar to the video game of which it's based on."


"Skullraiser writes music with a very epic, cinematic feel. When listening to this album, you almost feel like you’ve been sucked out into an old-school horror flick, with spooky themes and eerie textures."

"His creative formula is simple: combining the hard-hitting edge of rock music with the understated melodies of electronica, and the huge vibes of industrial music, exploring so many other possibilities in between."


"The track is heavily inspired by the clown, Pennywise. It is evident with the track's mysterious and scary element. The track excites us for It Chapter 2, which is expected to have a trailer released this summer."