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Akil Fadil

Born December 24th 1980 to proud parents Pamela saucer and Leo Glen Thompson giving a birth name Glen Thompson being raised and born in Richmond California growing up living most of my life in Richmond and also in San Diego in Los Angeles coming up as a youth . we always moved from place to place from school to school from the south side of Richmond to Central, always musically influenced from my mom playing James Brown ,Randy Crawford, oldies but goodies just to name a few of the soulful artist .that she used to play, I tried playing a musical instrument in elementary the clarinet but that only lasted for so long .my mother was a single parent raising me and my sister Octavia woods my mom did the best she could do with raising two children even though she had her obstacles ahead of her( she stayed strong) , moving into my teens I always listened to good music always loved lyrical, metaphorical music that has a message even though I was influenced by gangsta music growing up on the west coast coming out of the Bay Area we had a sound of our own. I think I started writing my first raps back in high school I think it was about 97, 98 in class when the teacher was teaching . I should have been doing my class work , me and my homeboys used to freestyle back in the dungeon it's what we use to call it ,a basement where we would hang out during school hours after being short a few credits from high school. I ended up graduating from Sierra with a diploma not knowing exactly what I wanted to do at the time . I always wanted to rap but also wanted to be a businessman ,learning my path I would work different kinds of jobs also ,I was still in the street life dealing drugs and whatever I had to do to take care of myself. I really wasn't focus back then and my younger years I think when I went to jail and did some time in 2002 when I came home I started focusing more on my music but I didn't have the money to fund my career. so I will work jobs and eventually, I got to the refinery business in 2004 and I released my first two projects and 2006 interior design and calculated steps to cd baby for distribution not really having a plan at the time. I just wanted people to hear my music . I would do open mic around the Bay Area at mingles in Oakland ,coaches in Pinole and different venues in SF so people would know me that worked out pretty good , sometime if I could remember all my lyrics but it made me better . around the time when I made these two projects I did alot of the recording in the garage with my boy Rio . my next project came out in 2010 so that was like a four year gap due to finances with the music at this time I wanted to be on a major label but I really didn't understand the music business. just wanted to be famous my hot zone mixtape, I did a lot of the recording at my house using Pro Tools on my laptop not knowing how to use it, all I know was how to push to record button and then I would take it to engineer for mixing and mastering this project was also distributed by cd baby came out in 2010 I think this one I was taking a more serious approach. I put a little bit of marketing in my plan and promoting and I did a show in Atlanta at the atrium that was a blast I rub shoulders with a lot of people that's already in the music business I got a better aspect of the situation. I’ve been having my website under my music name akil fadil and I started doing more performances. I'm still building my brand RNF Entertainment everyday has obstacle’s and challenges. I have a better outlook on the music business. I'm doing this independent I don't need nobody help I got to put in my own work that's why I'm happy that I laid the foundation long time ago continue to grow and I add more to my bio as I go God bless the world for God so loved the world he gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.