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American Zen

Raised in the sagebrush of San Diego, California, our happy hippie The Hippy Coyote spent his adult life after 1978 in Los Angeles, Utah, and Nevada performing night clubs and concerts.

Coyote accidentally became one of the original L.A. punk rockers when his band ended up rehearsing in the basement of The Masque punk rock club of Brendan and performing with The Go Gos, and Oingo Boingo.

The Rich - Live in Venice album was recorded in 1980 with the music they performed as a punk pop trio. Coyote fronted the band on bass and vocals.

Richard O'Connor - Temptation is the vinyl EP that launched Shaolin Records in 1984. The Rich included Jack Sherman who then joined The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Mike Thompson who then joined The Eagles. The songs are about Rita Wolf, who sang on two of the four songs.

Richard entered UCLA Film School in 1984 to study Music Business Law. He ended up graduating in 1987 from the certificated UCLA Motion Picture Program. During these years Coyote worked in the movie business producing commercials and music videos. You can see him as an extra in the REO Speedwagon and Quiet Riot music videos.

During the late 1980s Richard Del Connor became "The Coyote" while performing his rock opera, Coyote in a Graveyard, in the Los Angeles night clubs. HBO Pictures, New World Pictures, Michael J. Fox, and Steven Spielberg gave comments and encouraged Coyote to create a feature length screenplay from this "musical movie" that was a string of music videos telling the entire story of a runaway girl being captured by a hospital that is profiting from government funding... per patient. Runaway Elaine falls in love with mental patient Thumper who has wild hallucinations that other people can see.

Richard merged Shaolin Film and Shaolin Records together to create the movie production company, Shaolin Film & Records. This movie was close to be funded when Coyote moved to Utah in 1991. In Utah, the rock opera was shelved because of local protests about the lesbian relationship of Elaine with the Head Nurse, similar to Ms. Cratchet of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

As a Mr. Mom, our spiritual provider spent 1992 to 2012 feeding and educating his children. Teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi, he dragged his kids to all classes and even took his daughter Caitlin to his college classes in nonprofit management at the University of Utah.

After being bitten by a black widow spider on his return to California from Utah in 2001, Coyote was unable to teach as many Kung Fu classes but started recording his afternoon concerts for putting his son Rory O'Connor to sleep each day. These recordings have been released as Coyote Radio Tujunga by THC The Hippy Coyote. These solo song recordings sometimes include a cheer from the bedroom...

In 2009 Coyote became a 3rd Degree Master Mason and discovered the "Masonic Kung Fu" form he had been teaching for 25 years. This influenced his 4th album of American Zen to become the story of ancient architect Hiram Abif, who was murdered before the completion of King Solomon's temple. Coyote's own tragic life story needed a few songs reordered to match up with Hiram Abif and King Solomon's lives. The song, "Kill the Spider," is about the murder of Hiram Abif.

In 2012 Coyote moved to Las Vegas to learn Chinese Kung Fu Lion Dancing from one of his Tai Mantis school brothers. This became a change of life for Coyote as he became jobless, lost his Los Angeles Kung Fu and Tai Chi students, no longer had his children with him, and put some distance between him and his ex-wife.

Starting over, sleeping on his dad's living room or sleeping in his Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, our Kung Fu Cowboy is updating fans at

Coyote says his new album, LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy Part 2: 3rd Degree Master Mason depicts his new musical direction: "Louder and harder," Coyote explains. "Like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and Rory Gallagher--all put together."