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ANNIKAFIORE was born in a music studio in Stockholm in 1998. It was the day ALCAZAR recorded the song Crying at the discotheque. Suddenly Alexander Bard started to call Annika (at the time Johansson), Annikafiore as a nickname.´No one knows why. But since Annika loved flowers she decided that it was a name worthy of a disco diva.

As a member of ALCAZAR , ANNIKAFIORE had great success, and for 7 years they toured around the world serving hits to the starving disco lovers. Like for example: Crying at the Discotheque, Sexual guarantee, This is the world we live in, Not a sinner nor a saint, and many more.

The 4 of July 2005 they recorded a video clip for the song ”We didn’t start the fire”. The setting was a fire station and the band members were supposed to go slide down a pole. That’s when Annikafiore faced her Waterloo…The director forced her to put on real size ten firemen Wellingtons on her innocent size five feet. Completely traumatized by this she threw her self down the pole. But with those big boots on she wasn’t able to control the speed with her knees and fell to the ground. She broke her ankle and her spirit and rest is history.

She settled down in Suburbia desperately trying to enjoy the housewife lifestyle. But one day she woke up on a sun bed by the pool and thought to herself: "I’m going to do a club project called AVE and write my own songs”. So she went to the store and bought an Imac. When she had written a few songs on Garage Band she contacted the producer DJ Mitch and they formed AVE. They also started calling themselves Avatar versus Eve, which is very confusing. At one time they even had a plastic make up doll head called Lola singing. They released two singles. Party People and I’ve still got the highest heels in the room, which also included a video clip that can be seen on YouTube. They signed with a label and broke up with it a couple of months later. There is still a whole album of songs ready to be released. But some things aren’t mend to be.

ANNIKAFIORE felt that she was ready to create her first solo album in her own name. She wanted to make sure she let her own shoes decide what music to dance to this time. So she wrote some new material that was real ANNIKAFIORE disco music. Then she met this amazing drummer, Antti Vuorenniemi who at the time was producing a punk rock band. They started producing her new songs and suddenly Annikafiore felt like she found her own sound. They are now in the process of writing and producing her first album together.

The theme for the ANNIKAFIORE album is CONFESSIONS OF AN INCUREABLE REDHEAD. That kind of suggests that you will get to know a lot more about her after hearing the songs.

The first single is called FORBIDDEN LOVE. It is also the official song for Pride Copenhagen 2010.