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Ann Sweeten

Composer/Concert Pianist/Arranger/Producer


Musical Achievements:
Steinway Artist
Voting Member of The Recording Academy.

Nominations and Awards include:

One World Music Awards 2017:
People’s Choice Award Flying Solo Silhouette
JPF Music Awards 2017:
Best New Age Album In the Wake
JPF Music Awards 2017:
Best New Age Song “Of Clouds and Dreams” Tapestries of Time
ZMR Music Awards 2015:
Best Piano Album w/ instrumentation Tapestries of Time
ZMR Music Awards 2012:
Album of the Year (Compilation) The Gathering
ZMR Music Awards 2010:
Best Instrumental Piano Album Just this Side of Spring
NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2008:
Best Holiday Album Christmas Presence
NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2007:
Best Instrumental Piano Album Grey Sky and Bittersweet
NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2006:
Best Instrumental Piano Album, Best Cover Art A Place in the Sun
NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2004:
Best Neo-Classical Album, Best Cover Art Sapphire Days
JPF Music Awards 2004:
Best New Age/World Song “Orange Band” Passage

ASCAP Popular Awards Recipient:
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018

After over two decades of enamoring audiences on the Concert stage and on Radio/Internet Airwaves, Ann Sweeten’s signature style is recognized world-wide. Often placed in the New Age genre, her style is decidedly unique, embracing not only the classical realm, but aspects of jazz, film scoring, and popular music. Sweeten’s music has aired and been reviewed across the world to wide critical acclaim and these are just some of the accolades awarded to her:

“A pianist whose abilities are unrivalled”;”musical genius”;” beauty incarnate”;” inimitable”;”reminiscent of something written by the great impressionists, out of the ordinary..”; “one of the most instantly recognizable ‘voices’ in contemporary instrumental music”; “musical Narnia”; “exquisite music performed by a consummate musician”; “the touch of a master”; “a true maestro at work”;”outstanding technique”;” her astute control of nuance and tempo will beguile you”; “astounding ability to paint a vivid picture”;”the music bears hints of the musical masters’ phrasing in the music. I hear notes of Barber, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Brahms”; “You can’t call this music ‘Jazz’, nor can you pigeonhole it as ‘New Age’… because it’s purely/simply ‘Ann’ .”; “..I could feel a Higher Power within each song. It is hypnotically intoxicating. Sweeten is a gifted and anointed spirit to be sure.”.

Whatever words you may use to describe this artist, her music is always timeless, elegant and classic, always, Ann Sweeten.

Her newest offering Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow is a tour de force of emotion, technical prowess and prodigious composition - “the further evolution from a pianist who has always delivered musical brilliance.” Will Ackerman, founder Windham Hill Records

During the album’s conception, Ann Sweeten was diagnosed with Leukemia. Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow refers to the time before diagnosis, and then to the horizon, beyond the immediate, with hope for the future.

In her own words:
“I have never needed a wake-up call in life thru diagnosis or event, as I have always felt so very present and awake, but this third diagnosis has dropped me to my knees, and in a way I can’t explain, the world is different, my life is different, my reactions are different, my patience is greater, my capacity for forgiveness as well. Life itself seems so fragile that I hold it like a wounded bird, so that it may grow well within my care and fly free again, carrying music on its wing.”

One of the most decorated pianists of the past decade with albums consistently ranking in the Top 5 NAR and ZMR Radio Charts, she is also one of the most played modern instrumentalists in North America. Discography includes 14 Albums (1 DVD) and 6 compilations, one of which is The Gathering IV produced by Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios. The Gathering, first in the series, was Album of the Year in 2012. Sweeten blends stylish, sophisticated, technical composition in well-rooted classical themes with originality and passion, resulting in performances that pack an emotional wallop.

A truly well-rounded individual and artist, Ms. Sweeten is a staunch environmentalist, animal activist and vegetarian. In addition to her Concert and Recording career, she is also a professional actress/singer/dancer with Actor’s Equity Association. Ann Sweeten is herself a Breast Cancer survivor twice over, is involved with the Arts in Healthcare Initiative and is now battling Leukemia.

Sweeten’s journey in the performing arts began at the age of 6 in both Music and Ballet in Westfield, NJ. She received a Hammond Organ for Christmas that year after showing interest in keyboards and was soon to master it, though the first year she had to stand to reach the pedals. For her ninth Christmas, she received a Baldwin Piano and soon began intensive study with Russian-born Concert Pianist David Sokoloff. Under his tutelage, she learned to play the music of the great masters. She sites Sokoloff as her greatest mentor, whose influence in developing her technique and in encouraging her musicality, was paramount. All during these years, Sweeten was also dancing the classic ballets (Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, Sleeping Beauty) with a Regional Ballet Company in NJ. A Dean’s list scholar throughout academia, Sweeten earned a B.A. from Smith College in foreign languages, graduating Cum Laude, and continued study in Paris and later at the Boston Conservatory.

Sweeten did a brief two year stint as Female Front and lyricist to the Pop/Rock Band: FALLOUT. Then she began appearing on Cruise Ships, in Cabaret Clubs and Resorts playing and singing a wide range of material including Jazz, Pop, Folk, New Age and Broadway music. Sweeten began composing around 1989 in the midst of her Musical Theatre Career, starring in such roles as Aldonza (Man of La Mancha), Sister Amnesia (Nunsense) Miss Mona (Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) and Velma Kelly (Chicago). When she started introducing her own original material to her setlists, the response was overwhelming. In 1997, Sweeten released her debut album, “Prism”. By Sweeten’s third album, “Reflections” (2000), her music was selling on listening stations at major record chains (Borders Books & Music, Sam Goody’s) weekly by the hundreds. Fans began to write in depth of the effect of Sweeten’s music on their lives, speaking of the music as hope, as giving the power of healing or a way of finding peace. She has stated “the fact that my music touches people so strongly is the greatest reward I receive from my music and I have been moved to tears by the personal stories people have shared with me.” Having written over 100 musical scores to date, Sweeten is also author to all of her albums’ liner notes and is a poet in her own right. In 2008, Steinway and Sons welcomed Sweeten into its prestigious international roster of Steinway Artists, touting her, a true Renaissance woman.

Media Buzz
"...musical moment of genius...Sweeten's best work so far...It is outstanding." One World Music, 5 Stars

"In addition to Ann's impeccable talents as a pianist, composer and arranger, the unseen but deeply felt, spiritual dimension that she brings to her music takes her elegant compositions to another level altogether. This latest release by Ann Sweeten, like the butterfly itself, is a thing of delicate beauty in motion symbolizing grace, transformation, and renewal. After 12 albums, Ann's music continues to evolve into greater and greater levels of refinement and creative expression. .... an inspired work of art from one of the genre's premier pianists." Music and Media Focus, 5 Stars

...a thoroughly outstanding album...Deeply passionate about the environment and its many afflictions, Ann so eloquently conveys a message of environmental awareness through her music, expressing her passion with originality, sentimentality and immaculate beauty." Journeyscapes, 5 Stars

"Ann’s piano playing is gorgeous throughout this album, that is the best way to explain it. There is a flow and natural rhythm like what mother earth so generously gives us all. A heartbeat of life that pulsates, ebbs and flows like the tides of the sea, the music will capture you as you fall into it without even knowing it. ....magical."
New Age Music Reviews, 5 Stars

"Sweeten's music is always warm and lyrical reflecting her love of nature, staunch environmentalism and animal activism. Ann Sweeten's efforts to change the world with her music are both commendable and compelling...elegant and graceful...achingly beautiful.", 5 Stars

“…a showcase for the skills that have elevated Ann Sweeten to such lofty musical heights. Her music is both contemplative and emotionally evocative, providing a world-class listening experience.” Awareness Magazine

“Ann Sweeten is one musician widely recognized for her classic style, setting a high standard in quality among pianists..richness and depth I rarely hear.” New Age Music World

“Outstanding album!” Boston Post-Gazette

“Elegant, mellow grand piano music…The music bears hints of the musical masters’ phrasing…a blessing of sound.”
The Phoenix

“Stylish and sophisticated, Ann Sweeten has always presented a fine mix of New Age music with her well-rooted classical themes..simmering with splendor.”

“An exceptional album….in a few words, gorgeous and emotionally powerful…”

“…gorgeous performances..a true maestro at work.” The RajMan Review

“In my opinion Ann is among the best performing pianists on the planet today.” MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Zzaj Productions

“A delicate jewel in a Renaissance background…outstanding technique…No wonder her previous “piano offerings” have been consoling and almost aurally healing thousands of hearts so far. Brilliant!” Nuovi Talenti Musicali

“ incarnate…a joy to hear” 5 STARS

“elegant music…exquisite piano artistry..” 5 STARS Music and Media Focus